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  1. again read my comment carefully you will understand that i'm saying life on other planets is possible.

  2. This call is made to spread xenophobia,at least the caller is right about something,corrupted beings have infiltrated high positions trying to make us dependable on them so they can control us,with money,food,water,electricity, if there are ET that want to harm us,by harm I mean enslave or wipe us out,they would have done it already,what they are doing is just waiting for us to be open for contact,so they can share their knowledge and help us which our leaders dont want,so they can be in control

  3. since everyone who isnt an ignorant dumbass KNOWS we cannot be the only life in the endless universe, I believe in other beings besides ourselves, and honestly, i think that they dont want to come here because human beings are the most fucked up beings to ever be in power, and if they came to us we would immediately try to destroy them without asking questions, and they may OR may not have the power to kill us first, but we damn sure will try, its kinda sad honestly (And thats just what i think)

  4. Right now its like going to a native tribe somewhere, they have spears and bows, and when they see you there, they will just chase you till you run out of breath 😀 But when this tribe, knows that another civilization is nearby, with ships travelling around, they will think, ok, there are other people here around us better not attack them.

  5. Haha this is exacly what we gonna do… humans fear the unknown we will attack first and then ask questions

  6. Space is full of life but is too early yet for the humanity to know imagine the religion fanatics the economic crisis and the global chaos after such thing come public

  7. most religions mention life in other places, all these reports of aliens is fake. I've seen a big ufo in front of my house. it had no solid structure just sporatic lights moving together. I just believe there jins. NOT ALIENS.

  8. I just think it's a fun thought, to think there is another civilization somewhere in the univers. I do not believe in anything before I've seen it.

    Are you afraid :b

  9. I think there must be Intelligent life on another planet because there is none here. But I have to say virtually everything shown in this video has been explained and most of the stuff is very easy to explain. The one that took the longest to get real answers on was the Chinese airport thing. Finally we know it was a military project doing what it was scheduled to do. All of the other vids are rockets, falling rocks, or even hoaxes such as the one in Israel . That one was easy to debunk

  10. For many years I was into this subject but now after about ten or fifteen years I sadly say, I have seen zero proof that I find compelling. Yes there are some amazing cases such as the Japan flight 1628 but there is zero evidence except for some crapy radar printouts that only tell us the radar might have picked something up but that's far from proof of aliens. Not one abduction case has stood the test of time, not Walton, not the Hills not one…there are UFOs yes, but what are they….?

  11. If you research the history of UFOs and all the credible people who have reported them you would change your opinion. President Jimmy Carter, countless pilots, police, and military officers have all reported UFOs and you can read about it if you want.

  12. Well im open to the idea for sure as i spent hundreds of hours reading and have met and know many of the most famous researchers. I am just not sold that the "proof" is evidence of ETs….god trust me i want to know…i dont want to believe…i want to know…

  13. You must be lying about being into this subject for ten of fifteen years. There is so much evidence for UFOs. So many cases where people reported seeing them with no motive for doing so. (unlike bigfoot, myths). The army doesn't confuse weather balloons for alien spacecraft and then recant their statement because they made an honest mistake. (Roswell) An entire base full of US soldiers at a base with nuclear weapons in England walked up to a UFO. (Rendelsham Forest.)

  14. Clearly i must be lying, because you must have at least one shred of real evidence right?…so i why not act like an adult and stop tossing insults around. Show me one case that has convincing evidence….i know of many cases that have really good and interesting information but no real evidence of aliens…so do your best..pick one case The best one you got and prove to the world its aliens….i bet you cant

  15. Why do you make up BS story's about aliens visiting earth? How about his, pic one case mentioned in this video that was a real alien ship and prove it to me. You can't and the reason is every single case in this video have been well explained over and over and over by multiple sources….but if you are so smart and I am so stupid as you say….then prove one case…..come on fuckers do it or shut up

  16. If you ass holes think is fake you fucking explained what the fuck are those thing in the video taking shit and all there show you prove dum ass

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