UFO News Is About to Change the World

This is an important update to my last video covering the rumored big UFO news that is reportedly about to break.

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Some sources:

Ryan Sprague’s interview with James Fox: https://youtu.be/L4I9upsqmkI


25 Comments on “UFO News Is About to Change the World”

  1. hey, since ce5 and the phenomenom is out at the same time, any thoughts? I was under the impression that greer is seeing delonge as somebody who is working for the corrupt political system, to help their "alien threat" narrative, greer also feels responsible for he release of some declassified CIA documents in 2017 (as I understand, he claims that his movie CE3 is responsible for this), Idk but wasn't that the work of delonge? he is all about the holy friendly aliens vs the UFO evil threat narrative, where aliens must be evil…and clearly in his ego delonge is part of the false political side of things… he clearly is biased by EGO I guess…

  2. Renewing your TS/Top Secret clearance is no big deal if done within a couple of years of it expiring or going inactive. Within the DIA it is virtually zero that a person's security clearance is not renewed or even revoked.

  3. You always have good UFO talks & info, I always dig your UFO rants!

  4. If some sort of news really is coming, then it must be because there is no way to keep a lid on it. The US government has spent a long time keeping people quiet using intimidation and threats, and I can't see them just rolling all that back for fun. You can't just say sorry to all the people you previously hammered with the national security and official secrets act stories.

  5. quote from NICAP article]
    Film "7.1" Disappointment In Vol. Il, No. 2, we announced that a documentary film built around the UFO landing at Socorra, N. M. in April 1964, would be released in 1965 and might have a strong impact because the AF has accepted the report by Socorro Police Officer Lonnie Zamora as genuine and has stated that he saw an "unknown vehicle."

    We regret that our expectations were not fulfiled. The Socorro case is treated, briefly no mention is made of the AF conclusion. Instead, the film has a commercial twist, showing motel and restaurant owners as highly pleased that so many tourists come to see the landing site.

    But this is not the worst. The film, we have learned, was produced by "Dr." Frank. Stranges, evangelist, who frequently uses contactee stories in platform discussions of UFOs. Several years ago, before NICAP knew of Stranges' activities, he became a NICAP member. Later, he claimed personal friendship with the director, though they had never met, and implied NICAP approval of his cantactee reports. NICAP canceled his membership, returned his fee, and has disavowed any approval of his UFO claims.

    The 7.7 film (referring to the approximate AF percent of unsolved UFO cases) includes shots of various contactees, including Dan Fry, who claims a remote controlled flying saucer landed near him in the desert, toak him aboard and flew him to New York; also George van Tassel, builder of a so-called 'rjuvenation machine', which allegedly resulted from information given him by outer space beings. Also appearing in the film is a shot of an attractively dressed blond busily taking notes – UFO connection not mentioned. NICAP representatives present said the press seemed more amused than impressed.

    But the most unfortunate angle is that the film is narrated by Los Angeles columnist George Todt, who has written many fine, factual columns supporting NICAPs investigation over a period of years. Mr. Todt has an excellent record in WW 11; as a broadcaster and newspaperman; he has fought Communism, opposed suppression of UFO information and has crusaded for another important American objectives. We are sure that Mr. Todt was completely unaware of the producer's background or the nature of the film when he signed up as narrator.

    In the press showing mentioned, Empire Studios publicity men stated the narrator was the 'personal representative of Major Donald E. Keyhoe' implying approval of the film. Under the cir- cumstances, NICAP must put these points on record:
    1. Neither NICAP nor the director was ever consulted about the film.
    2. When we first mentioned it, we did not know the producer.
    3. Although Mr.Tadt has been a good fried to NICAP, and he served as a public relations adviser, he is not the personal representative of the director, and he has not been authorized to mention NICAP Or the director in regard to this film.

    We have heard '7.7' is being offered for TV use and we have informed network heads of the facts.

    If l,'Phenomena 7.7' is scheduled at your local theater please show thls statement to the manager and to newspaper film reviewers, to prevent NICAP's being untruthfully linked with this film.
    [/quote from NICAP article]

  6. You’re the man bro. Been doing the same research you have for almost three decades. Been following the same bread crumbs and I commend you for your contribution to this subject. Cheers 🍻

  7. I don’t trust anything those guys say on that series unidentified on the history channel! that dude Luiz that was from ATTIP the pentagon secret program that investigated America’s ufo sightings is involved with the deep state for sure. I mean come on! We are supposed to believe that Tom Delong the lead singer from blink 182 is gonna be the one to convinced the us government to admit that there’s a alien presents on earth that we have known about for decades!!! Please… Tom Delong was placed there by the deep state pieces of shit to program the American people to think that these uAPs are a threat to our national security!! Which is the only thing they repeat over and over again on the show. These UAPs show no aggression towards us what so ever because if they were hostile we would definitely know it by now! They are programming the American people to be scared of uAPs so when they decide to do a fake alien invasion

  8. i've seen 6 ufos the past 2 months. friends back home in rural texas have seen them more than ever too. something is happening.

  9. Yeah I got feeling all this is coming true bro. But the bad news Donald Trump is are last President. There will be no more president. I'm sorry people and yes USA is broke with no money.

  10. Humans have been reporting this since de 1940 and they have always explained the same movement patterns of these UFO, that means that if today 2020 the military has accepted these UFO video as real, well what humans saw back in the 40s was real, which means the technology is 70 to 80 years advanced. Now if this was human created technology from another country with 70 to 80 years advanced and was existing since the 40s, wouldn't that country had not conquered the world already?, they would have easily destroyed any military jet .
    But they want us to think that these UFO are human created technology and that they are still testing it since the 40s and still today not using it in any wars or as comercial flights.
    For many years i have always seen these humans that are interviewed on the subject say the same thing, UFO could be secret experimental crafts from another country, i say NO they are not , for the reason i gave above in my text,
    Do i know what they are, no, but its clear that they are not human created technology, because humans are always creating wars, and any country that had this since the 40s would have conquered this world . ( give it that they were testing it in the 40s , lets give them 10 years to perfect that technology , (that i think is a lot of time) , it would have been perfected by the 50s ,so that country would have since the 50s till today a 70 year advanced tech, but still today no government has ever used it for any war, still people say it could be human created technology.
    First airplane flight was in 1903, shortly after that flight test, in war they were used in 1911, and the first passenger flight was in 1914, in just 11 years we went from 1903 to 1914 and the human created technology called airplane was being used for passnger flights to make money and used in wars to destroy and conquer, why these UFO that were also human created technology as they say, have not been used for passengers or war 70 years latter.?

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