UFO News – Meet MUFON's New Executive Director Jan Harzan

It was announced at the recent 2013 Mufon Symposium that Jan Harzan will become the new executive director of MUFON, taking over for Dave MacDonald. While Dave has spent the last year working on International relations for MUFON with much success, his position was meant to be interim and on August 1st Jan will replace Dave. Open Minds wanted to give you a little background on who Jan is and why he has been chosen as the new executive director. For Jan this all started with a sighting he had at the age of 9…

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15 Comments on “UFO News – Meet MUFON's New Executive Director Jan Harzan”

  1. lets hope his voice,persuasion and passion match his intellect.he seems like the guy to push mufon on to the stage.i hope mufon gets the attention that CSETI with the humble Dr Greer seems to get.thumbs up.

  2. Eh, the debate is not whether they are out there or here. They are both. They come from distant star systems to earth and do whatever they do. Some are curious first timers borrowing a couple of us to take a look at us, others protect us, even others do large scale medical experiments on us.

  3. Wow, I've been reading that story for years and final heard it from the horses mouth!
    (Not from Ben but from Jan)THANKS!!

  4. The last few times I've seen MUFON investigators on the news the person from MUFON was doing everything he could to explain away the event. He even said one of the sightings was a clear walled blimp. Has anyone ever seen a clear blimp, ever?? For some reason MUFON is being secretive at least since Robert Bigelow purchased MUFON, Priority one for MUFON should be to rebuild public trust by providing actual information.

  5. It seems to make sense thst they use magnet fields. Esp can be used in a very similar way. You can ask anything and allow yourself to be sensitive to positive or negative, or push pull.

  6. Two things to be discused here; this report seems genuine. Second; Uri Geller's ESP skills. They are genuine.

  7. pretty sure we are the aliens shrieking at the backs of our own heads-just nexus back n forth time streams figure 8s being suckt in sideways toroidal departures, An for all that lovliness we might be stuck on this piece of bread like slices of bread on an endless loaf dang now im hungry

  8. If there was any doubt about lizards or reptiles who can cloak as humans. You just have to look at this guy, the way his mouth has slits at the side's like a lizard is and those huge lizards like eye's and also is the executive director m.u.f.o.n. you couldn't ask to be in the better position for disinformation to the UFO community and the discovery community.
    Just look at him and look at his skin… totally reminds me of reptile characteristics.

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