UFO News Podcast – Episode #001 – "Why I Believe"

In our first ever podcast on UFO News I discuss three major reasons for my belief in extraterrestrial life in the universe. This podcast was NOT planned in advance, I simply picked up the microphone and hit record. The dialogue can be rough at times and I have a tendency to ramble, but it does captures the essence of what I was trying to get across. Please leave your comments and suggestions for the show, as well as how we can improve. Thanks!

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Black UFO Stalks California Horizon In Broad Daylight – Oakland, CA

The Orbs Are Back – High Speed UFO Blasts Over Long Island, NY – 4/9/2016

NASA Forgets To Cut Video Feed – Huge UFO Broadcast Live From ISS – 4/5/2016

New York City UFO – Captured By Tourist Near Empire State Building

Jupiter Hit By Asteroid 3/17/2016 – Massive Earth Sized Explosion

UFO News is interested in all types of UFO sightings, whether its a top secret craft from area 51 or an alien spaceship. If the government recovered a flying saucer in Roswell and brought it to area 51, then why would NASA continue to go to outer space if there was better technology available? Until we get disclosure, we will continue to search for the truth behind all of the strange and mysterious phenomena taking place around the world.


5 Comments on “UFO News Podcast – Episode #001 – "Why I Believe"”

  1. just great. its about time someone talked to his audience ad a person, not just as a commentary. appreciated UFO News. thanks for taking the time for talking to us. 🙂

  2. Real interesting, and I concur with you in a lot of points. I haven't been a long-time subscriber, but the few things I have seen from you look really interesting. The thing with the "hardcore deniers", the guys that will laugh at the mere mention of ufos, is that the attitude has been burned into them from a very young age, it has been the opinion of the majority around them, and humans need acceptance.

    It's really sad that anyone that claims to have seen anything strange in the sky gets mocked. And just imagine if instead of that, they claimed to have been abducted.

    I do believe you should keep doing these. Maybe use them to recap cases once a month? Or just to let off steam. Also, one last question, what is your recording equipment? I'm trying to organise a radio about local news over on radionomy, and I would like to get some quality.

  3. Hey as far as getting some decent footage you might want to check out this mufon case that was reported from England I think it was sometime between April 7th to maybe 20th? not too sure but in the footage it has the ufo, a helicopter monitoring it and then a plane fly by as well. It seemed pretty legit and well documented, well worth looking for and checking out. I am enjoying your format and approach to your channel keep up the great work and thanks!

  4. You should check me to Shrewsbury in uk. You can see ufo almost every night

  5. To be honest, audio is even or more important for me, love to hear these kind of things!

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