UFO News Sweden, NJ, Florida

UFO News: Sweden, NJ, Florida

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This is a video compilation of captured UFO footage The UFO caught on camera is proof of intelligent alien life visiting earth. The footage include eye witness encounters/ first hand accounts of fully visible space crafts, lights in the sky and strange occurrences. These UFO caught on video/tape footage cannot be verified and are presented by you the viewer to choose to believe it or not.

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22 Comments on “UFO News Sweden, NJ, Florida”

  1. I'll never forget ,when I was 12 years old ,we were camping,…My grandmother woke me up at 2 am. A bleeping noise awoke her …We saw a UFO moving horizontally across the sky. It would blink twice make a bleeping noise…disappear…..blink twice.. disappear and so forth .It was a bright red or orange color. This went on for about 3 minutes… This was in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania ….back in July of 1967. Back then people would look at you like you were nuts when you say you saw a UFO……My Nanny is gone now but I still remember….and it's not such an oddity anymore….. It's an everyday occurrence somewhere in the world now.

  2. in 2011 i watched a chrome orb change into a rectangle and fly off..it tryed to make me think it was an angel . it wasnt.

  3. You can get a session out with Dr Greer to view UFOs if your willing to fork out a few grand for the pleasure

  4. Dose anyone think the sun is cold fusion . think about it for a sec as you would think space would be real hot and also the UFOs that fly in, out and all around it fuelling up or something like it x

  5. …You show interest in Orbs Brother…I have footage on my channel taken by myself in UK with IR and I very much beleave the Vid's are right up your street Mate…I have no email or any other way to communicate other than this comments effort due to negative outside influence…the Vid's tell you everything you would want to know at your stage of understanding…(The Dogs look great by the way).
    Very Best Regards

  6. I saw five lights in rural Wyoming November 20, 2012. No sound. Going east to west toward Yellowstone Park. V-formation, straight line, then back to V-formation. The orbs were large and cycled through every color of the rainbow.
    Polygraphs are shite, by the way. They're not admissible in court in the U.S.A.
    #MAGA everyone! #Brexit

  7. Or8 pal,you may find joe rogans podcast with stephen greer,he asks the kinda questions i imagine you or i would,3 hrs and very informative and interesting

  8. Jersey City isn't NY, it's a part of New Jersey, not trying to be a troll just correcting that info. Everything west of Manhattan on this map is New Jersey, the island south of Manhattan is Staten Island which is part of NYC, its 1 of the 5 boroughs that makes up NYC. Would also like to comment on Dr.Greer as well, I too find his work with the Disclosure Project to be very important to ufology, his countless interviews with very credible individuals in my opinion is rock solid evidence that the extraterrestrial/UFO phenomena is without a doubt as real as can be. Where I don't agree with Dr.Greer is his belief that all extraterrestrials are "good", I tend to agree more with Richard Dolan's view on the subject which is a more realistic view based on the evidence throughout the years of human encounters with these extraterrestrials. If the extraterrestrials mean us no harm then why all the abductions and evasiveness throughout our interaction with them, there's definitely something not right with that approach towards us, I believe that extraterrestrials are just like us some good and some not. Perhaps I'm completely wrong and it's something else entirely which is also a good possibility especially considering that they are obviously way more advanced than we are.

  9. I chased 2 white orbs out of my house. I woke to the sound of everything dog and coyotes crying like crazy. Opened my eyes and saw 2 orgs the size of a basketball floating up and down back and forth tried to awake my wife that would not wake I then lifted my head with that they moved slowly towards the opened double doors I got out of bed ran after them they stayed ahead of me turned into the kitchen then gone. Nuts.

  10. Space Travel is so easy it is laughable that no one has figured out we are being deliberately kept in the dark by the US Government and their Secret Space Program that has been using Electromagnetic Propulsion for over half a century!

    There is a reason no scientist can say they know what gravity is. Because they are not allowed! If you know what gravity is, you can theories a simple gravitic propulsion system and build a spaceship!

    So, we know space, or space-time has density, as in gravity waves… and we know everything that is made of Matter creates gravity – so, and this is so simple it is laughable, but if Matter is E=MC2 – as in Matter IS Energy, and Matter and Energy create Gravity – what is Matter/Energy?


    How do you build a spaceship? WITH ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY! As in the EM Drive, as in THE ElectroMagnetic DRIVE!

    What is the frequency that creates a gravitic field? its 33 Hertz, this frequency is designated or "Allocated" as Government Only Frequency Range, and is not allowed to be used by the public or private sector!

    So the question then becomes, how do you build a spaceship with ElectroMagnetic Fields?

    Take a large Shipping Container, if you skin the container in "Microwave Emitters" or "Magnetrons" and you turn on the Emitters on the top of the Container, you will create a gravitic field above the container, and just like a bubble of air rising in water, the container will "fall upwards"

    If you open the emitters on the top of the container, and on the front of the container, you will elevate and move forward

    Now, if you open the emitters around the entire container, you will create a "field frequency array" or a "Thin Shell" around the container and you will be able to change the containers mass, and you can move the container very fast – because the container is creating an EM Field around itself, it is pushing away "space-time" and it is creating a "thin shell" around itself, where the limitations of the speed of light and local entanglement are reduced or removed, and if you apply enough energy to the front of the container, you can make that container move very very fast, even in an atmosphere, you can move faster that the speed of light!

    And that is the easiest way to build a spaceship! But be warned, the government uses all Smoke Detectors, Computer Hardware, Cell Phones, TVs, Tablets, Monitors, Cell Phone Towers and other receivers and satellites to spy on everyone, virtually everywhere, and because Smoke Detectors both Broadcast and Receive Unique Microwave Frequencies, they can detect any unauthorized EM Signals, as well as triangulate their signals and create a "virtual camera" using the "microwaves" and the all seeing eye is real! Google NSA Smoke Detector Spy Net, and realize the reason the Government is spying on everyone is because they want complete and total control of everything, and should you build a free energy device, space travel, or EM travel that would make oil practically obsolete… you get the idea – you are all farm animals in the eyes of the wicked, and they cant have you fly the coup now can they!


  11. I absolutely believe in et's and ufo's. My concern is our military and government having an agenda and pushing our fears. I believe much of what we're seeing as of late has a lot to do with the 2 mentioned. Just as with the push for terrorist and the fear they've worked so hard on us…gun control and all the odd shootings that have come about…they are working at placing us in a GOD WE NEED YOU mentality. I have seen unexplainable things so again a firm believer. Just have many questions and concerns as to what is what. By the way I have no fears as to ufo's…remember if they can do what has been prooven in the past.. well we would have been gone decades ago.

  12. One was on the top of my House during night time but was very very late in the night my daughter was pregnant and we getup at 4in the morning was went we found out what was going on this is 2 1/2 Year’s ego

  13. Dr Greer is very credible. One of the experiences I related on this program the other day was in the presence of Dr Greer. I spent a week with him in AZ in the spring of 16, it was an incredible experience with MANY ufo's witnessed throughout the week.

  14. Good point you made about how they become orb looking after their fired up. I’ve got really good footage of them during the day. Click on me and watch a four minute video entitled “orbs around us all the time”
    The third orb in the vid cloaks right in front of you but you can still see it’s shadow on the chemtrail cloud behind it

  15. I do believe, having seen one myself in the late 80s, but I'm very sceptical about nearly every video on YouTube, and other Internet sources. So much rubbish, and so much reason to expect a sophisticated cover up and removal of genuine material. Bushman had some very interesting stuff, but I'm afraid the alien doll photo destroyed his credibility. Greer has done some great things, but again, I've seen some things that make him seem ridiculous, and I think he's naively caught up in disinformation and ego trips. Still, we can only try to make sense of what is definitely a real phenomenon.

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