UFO News! The Latest UFO Sightings of December 2020 – The UFO Show

Welcome to the latest episode of The UFO Show, where we countdown the top five coolest, most compelling UFO stories of the past month. In this episode, we find we might be getting some messages from outer space, that we might not want to look above for aliens but below, and that more former government officials are ready to talk about extraterrestrial life!!

Show Synopsis: Have you ever seen a UFO – or thought you had? Are you fascinated by the very idea that Aliens, ETs, and Invaders from Mars exist not only in our imaginations… but beyond the stars? Do you hope one day we’ll have a Close Encounter of *any* kind with a being from another world? You’re not alone! With more and more sightings of UFOs happening across the globe, we aim to be your go-to resource for the most eye-opening images and reports of extraterrestrial life. Everything from footage of un-explainable space crafts to newly uncovered evidence of extraterrestrial life – If it’s “out there,” you’ll find it in here!

THE UFO SHOW is Written by Eric Walkuski, Narrated by Jason Hewlett, Edited by Jason Morris and Produced by John Fallon and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian .


The PARANORMAL NETWORK is all about ghost-hunting, UFOs and aliens, as well as Big Foot and all other paranormal activities in our world today.

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  1. I myself have been a staunch believer that our "creators" (aka "gods") have never really left the planet completely and their descendants are still here, probably never left, and that they've been known about for a good portion of the last century. Also assuming there was/is only one race from the stars that have come to earth, even before humans, is very naive.

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