UFO News Update 6/20/2021

Frank discusses the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence UFO briefing, comments from Rep. Tim Burchett that Roswell was real, from Sen. Marco Rubio that the UFO report to Congress is already late, more on Stephenville and asks the question what did the best informed sectors of government know about UFOs and when did they know it?


11 Comments on “UFO News Update 6/20/2021”

  1. This person being interviewed is disingenuous. He is acting like Donald Trump did not sign orders on his way out forcing the government to have to reveal alien info. There was also UFO footage was being released around the time George Floyd died.

  2. Thanks for the updates, Frank. I appreciate you for being a straight talker.

    I'll really look forward to your take on the report. Exciting times!

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