6 Comments on “UFO News Update 8/16/2020”

  1. Am I missing something? Norquist isn’t taking over the existing task force. They specifically established a new task force. They’re doing what they’ve always done. The UAP Task Force got outed, so they created a new public-facing one with the same name. Project Blue Book 2.0. Mark my words… We won’t get jack shit out of this.

  2. well if this new taskforce has any legitimacy the public can deman they do an independant investigation into the tic tac and gimbal videos to have a clear conclusion to what it is ie .
    imo there is a scientific answer to all of those vids and are all from earth.

  3. I hope to see more shows….it’s a great show would love to see it getting back to having guests. Don’t give up on us!!!!

  4. *For religious purposes* The only thing we will hear about life in outer space existing…… WE KNOW OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE EXISTS OUTSIDE OF OUR OWN SOLAR SYSTEM Nothing more. This way, it would close the questions of / Are they here Who is our creator Is there a god The questions asked would be endless if, Trump stated they are here and always have been. There would be world hysteria And no government would want that on their plate. Plus the end of all religion The, vatican would be the first to fall..

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