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  1. Charity you and Lou’s camera lenses have certainly been busy! Lucky for us you are researching and sharing this information.👽Gotta say you gals are educating us and for that we are great full👽Keep up the good work! ☮️💟 Nana

  2. Just supposing that there is something flying around controlled by a being/person I have to wonder how effective NORAD is at protecting our air space. With so many sightings you would think it would show up on radars.

  3. Bc u can do the ufo stuff and have popele up on stream and talk about more i think that stuff is interesting

  4. I'm about 15 miles from Charlotte NC. I saw those lights too. I was outside smoking. I even went in to get my fiancee to come out and see them. Was strange looking for sure! We see lots of strange things in the sky out here in the country.

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