1. Oh my god i saw that too ! It was only 2 weeks ago though, I'm in the midlands and it was A big gold bright orb and it was going really fast, Then it went super fast and disappeared!

  2. lol but you can be born and live all your life outside the isalnd of britian and be considered british, you dont see a certain logic failure on your part here …. Scotish people born within the uk are scotish, welsh people born within the uk are welsh english people born within the uk are english but irish people who are born within the uk are british and they are literally the only ones who geographically cannot adopt the title. Now you might not like this logic but it is undeniable.

  3. Yes and the fact im trying to gwet to you is you are incorrect and anyone with a mind would understand why. This island is called Ireland, anyone born and living here is there fore Irish. The island next to us is britain, anyone born and living there is british. Now its not humanly possible to makew northern ireland british because britain is an island. The only people from Britain in ireland are the 220k immigrants we have from that place. If you cant grasp this tell me and pm you a longer mail

  4. Ok so because most people class them as, it makes it true … in that case most americans think the world is 5000 years old, should i inform the chinese consulate that they must stop telling people their culture began 7000 years ago ?? What im telling is geological and political fact and your position cannot be defending from an intellectual stand point. What i believe is that you are accepting someones elses opinion without question, which you should not do my friend. Facts make answers

  5. Apologies if any of what i said was insulting to you, if you where not irish i would not have bothered, but i dont want you saying that to someone else and looking silly ๐Ÿ™‚ .. anyway all the best

  6. ok this is defo a confrmation that i wasnt dreaming coz i just saw 15 of those lights in the sky behaving in the same way in palmerstown dublin 20,they werent balloons i swear on my life!ballons DO NOT behave like this in the sky at least not the ones i saw with my own eyes!i hate when sceptics really dismisses it or find an explanation that doesnt explain it.i fear that the crazy ufo enthusiasts have made so many crazy claims that even serious reports are being taken as a joke,i dunno wat to do

  7. british is a citizenship mate,being a british citizen doesnt change the ethnicity of the Irish people in the north.im a brown person with irish citizenship,meaning IM IRISH in the citizenship sense but my ethnicity hasnt changed,im still a brownie lol a proud Irish brownie ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. What ? are we still livin in caves.. there's visitors to this planet on a daily basis… so nothing new there…. its getting to almost be easier to see a ufo than a country bus in ireland… just wish we could employ those creatures to run the public transport service… we might get to some place on time then……

  9. "You have just heard a report from 'Northern Ireland', that is not really Ireland".
    I have been to Ireland the Island and studied some Irish history.
    What is 'really' Ireland is the Island of Ireland which is what it was called before it became partitioned into 2 parts? Perhaps the North is really Ireland – their ideologies are certainly a lot closer to the Republican principles that the 1916 Irish Nationalist revolutionaries fought for. Calling the northern 6 counties 'Northern Ireland'ย  is hypocrisy when the most northern part of Ireland the island is county Donegal – Malin Head. And it's part of Ulster. The people that fought for the independence of your country were from all 32 counties of Ireland. Not just the 26 counties.
    And this goes back to the very dawn of of Irish revolutionary politics.

  10. Look up ALien Abduction Cappawhite and you'll know what an Irishman talking about UFO's is really like

  11. All of the island of Ireland was under British rule for over 6 centuries. 26 of the 32 counties separated from the UK leaving British control over only 6 counties since 1920. Despite that the quasi-state called the Republic of Ireland is still British. It has a British system of government, the people speak English and it's part of the British isles. Most of the architecture is British, and the names of all it's counties are actually derived from British shires. Wether it likes it or not, the Republic is really a system of British Home Rules.

  12. I have videos of presidents, air force officers, generals & astronauts all admitting aliens & their space crafts are here.I know how to literally bring the aliens right to me & Iโ€˜m going to do it as soon as I get the funds.See the truth about the aliens explained better than ever before at my free website alienspaceshipidentified Google search engine. I swear if you read the entire website & watch all of the video evidence you will understand the truth about the aliens.

  13. Chinese lanterns! I believe in ufos as I have seen a silver sphere in a bright blue daytime sky,it was like a huge ball bearing flying very fast and silent I've never seen anything like it before or since!

  14. So much ignorance around this subject. "Little green men". FFS. It's not aliens, because us humans are always right and know everything, of course. What we don't know we don't know. Nothing should be ruled out.

  15. I had the same incident I was getting turf when I looked up I saw the same flashing lights and thought It was a helicopter but there were two of them hovering and then just shot in the sky

  16. British army keeping hold of British Northern Ireland, gee you think you Irish would be happy we gave 5/ 6ths of your country independence!

  17. dunno what that woman was on, but it definitely wasn't balloons. I dont know what it was, but balloons don't fly in formation. More likely stealth aircraft flying to a base in scotland.

  18. Relax! it was just some friendly aliens watching the Irish doing a jig๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. I believe, in found footage, I mean love high beams on colour,s, flair activity, ps. Blair,s activity head of all that

  20. People say me kump 6 walls with a tourch outta of it on bubble. Move on thst bubble said beam me up Scotty in Jamaica, how did I get from dublin, to here in 3hours I blanked out, maybe they fancy holiday before like dino-doo doo

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