UFO or balloons? in Chelsea / ABC News 2010.10.13

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Original url http://abclocal.go.com/wabc/video?id=7722963

Strange white lights in the sky in Chelsea.


21 Comments on “UFO or balloons? in Chelsea / ABC News 2010.10.13”

  1. Reading multiple pings under the orbital defense grid…

    this can't be happening

    There's no mistake. It's them.

    Winter Contingency has been declaired all units are mobalized and ready

  2. Looks like balloons but if it didn't drift much and no one sent up a helicopter to check it out seems really odd.

  3. Smh and Obama didn't address this it just comes and goes no one can't tell me that's not government testing

  4. Intresting.Fact that there is no TV helicopters around might suggest that they were concern about wot is it and they idi not wont to take that risk to check it.We all sow how Aliens react for helicopter in INDEPENDANCE Day Mouvie eheh.

  5. @nostalgicmind0308
    That stuff is made of some kind of tissue though.If it is not a sky lantern, it's some kind of space balloon, like the famous amateur one that brought an iphone into the stratosphere some weeks ago and that was built by Luke Geissbuhler who, strangely enough, is been living in New York!If if it's not a Luke Geissbuhler himself, is one of his imitators.Search that video here in YT.Regards.

  6. @nostalgicmind0308
    P.s. It's quite hard to assess if an object is hovering or steady or moving when it's so high in the sky.

  7. fake fake fake!!!! por que la supercamara del periodista no hace un super zoom????… FAKE¡¡¡

  8. why are all these videos on this sighting all from the MEDIA, the NEWS? what happened to the public's actual recordings? YouTube is owned by the government, it sux now. CENSORED you tube.

  9. @vcarreon04 i have seen the one from the civilians and they are taping with their cell phones n shit i dont remember what site i was on but yeah it is pretty much the same if someone didn't tape it from the roof wich is hidden or something 😛

  10. @mikrobluess well projekt blue beam what was this projekt blue beam about, and what happened ?

  11. Why are people in such denial. Everyone is brainwashed into thinking any species besides American Humans are bad.

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