49 Comments on “UFO or meteor? What was seen over downtown Dallas?”

  1. Not seeing a plane clearly if it is a plane. Not seeing the ships safety lights indicating port and starboard.

    Seems to be traveling quite rapidly considering the ship is coming from near ground level headed just at skyscraper elevation.

    The speed seems too fast too soon assuming that a plane can ever move that rapidly from those Downtown buildings camera 📷 angles.

    Maybe this is an AEROPLANE ✈ and Not an Airplane. 😴😁🙉💩

    Im an ex NAVY guy seen lots of air craft flying in an out of military bases flying too low at times creating a mini sonic boom and off ships ( marine ocean vessels) doing touch an goes.

    This video 📹 hmmmn. Not clear to say its a plane. Planes should have there port and starboard indicators up being at such low elevation and more importantly being so close to a human populated area.

    Not safety indicators looks suspicious and this news anchor is using way too much sarcasm. Not even seeming to give any credit to this video not being a clear indicator of an obvious airplane.

    Could have at least mentioned how unclear it appears.

    Check out BOB LAZAR AREA 51interview

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  2. I saw a UFO there was a planned power outage in conroe and I saw a star hovering around moving up and down in the northern direction

  3. People nowadays are not gonna understand this fallen Angel's are here and yall talking about alil dot….smh pay attention to the skys in dallas them blinking lights wake up they here and everywhere revelation

  4. I would have believed a meteor more. Where are the position lights? Or the anti-collision lights? What about the landing lights since the plane would have recently lifted off? I actually thought this was a dumb story until their explanations made no sense.

  5. Just think about it out of all the claimed extra terrestrial contacts that have happened over the years only one has to be true and it's game over.

  6. No it was not a plane… spacecraft been landing and taking off right in front of our faces for years we just are not paying attention and it's hard to believe when the occupants looks just like us. Trump was going to tell us everything but the Galactic Confederation stopped him but i did catch he said during a speech and it was on the news early one morning and then they never played that thru the day which the news always repeat the same news throughout that day…they need to stop the cover up and tell us everything

  7. Oh that's a meteor, man. Nbd I'm all about looking for truth but, you can easily see this is a meteor

  8. If it had been a meteor, it would have hit the ground. It must have been Obi Wan Kenobi arriving from Coruscant.

  9. I see aircraft like these videos on a daily basis, and still people say cover! People need to know what they're seeing and not jump to conclusions.

  10. I’ve never at night seen a planes lights shine that bright and move that fast and I mean fast it covered so much ground so quickly

  11. Lamo it could’ve been a plane or a jet I seen those in De Soto Missouri sometimes

  12. They all on the take say the wrong thing and lose your job your pension. Retirement and everything in between.

  13. I saw something today on my flight home from DFW!! It was just like she described- something reflecting light but traveling very fast!! This object was below our plane and traveling at such a high rate of speed that I couldn't make out what it was. It was daytime and prior to seeing this object, I did see a plane traveling at a lower altitude than our plane but this object didn't resemble a plane at all.

  14. My alien friends show me many things including a falling star effect just 40 feet from me staring about 100 feet above ground moving to about 25 feet above ground. They flash lights in the sky from just 100 feet from me to way up where planes fly, they fade in and out with light short distances across the sky sometimes also flashing a light. They can appear like stars and fade away. They can squiggle really fast [That happened just 15 feet from me]. About 25 feet above me a 3 foot wide yellow light with green on both sides created a stream of light about 50 feet long, it glowed like ultraviolet light and it took about 10 seconds to fade away completely. I saved some of my alien/ufo experiences in Microsoft Word; I will share them in another comment above.

  15. He said meteors don't come from the ground… doesn't he know the earth isn'Planet. If it was a meteor It could've been on the other side of the earth coming through our orbit and just missed out planet? Really it could be anything haha

  16. But, didn't Cynthia say she saw it with her own two eyes. SO, how was it a smear if she personally saw it. Pete, do better.

  17. Planes leave trails at night? I've lived near airports all my life… planes don't look like that in the night sky buddy

  18. They always downplay UFO "s. They have been here and u will c even more. That's a cover u tactic

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