UFO Orb Caught Near Space Station In NASA Photo, UFO Sighting News.

Photo source: https://spaceflight.nasa.gov/gallery/images/shuttle/sts-122/html/s122e008922.html


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  1. Im sorry but whatever it is in this NASA image it's looks like a water drop on a window or a small particle that is close enough to blur. It's just not worthy of a 5 minute video. If you had video footage of the same image perhaps that would have revealed more but this one is a dud. And the other image you displayed briefly it's a clearer image but looks even more like a water drop on a window, maybe from condensation. I do believe that NASA catches all kinds of high quality images of various objects that really could only be described as being both built by and operated by highly intelligent extraterrestrial beings.I believe NASA is constantly airbrushing these things out of their satellite images. And then their are the satellite images that taken by camera technology that no one is allowed to even know exists let alone see images from. The truth really is stranger than fiction and the proof isn't in the sky it's deep within the bowels of government , military, and dummy corporations and companies created for the sole purpose of taking on secret black project contracts we call special access programs. this is done not only to get around FOIA and inquiries from the GAO following a money trial But this is How the people at the very top, the people that hold all the keys, the people that know where all the bodies are buried. This is how a few people at the very top compartmentalize the rest of government, military, and society out of even knowing some of the most profound truths of reality. for example it's pretty clear that different president we're only partially briefed on the truth about the UFO phenomena. And the last president to briefed on the whole truth was likely Nixon.
    The truth is that The powers that be decided in 1947 that they would rob humanity of knowing our True place in the universe. The astonishing truth is that This Phenomena is representative of a truth that is as vast as it is profound. it touches just about every aspect of human society and life. For starters robbing humanity from knowing it's true place in the universe is a crime against humanity of such a magnitude that over time this deception will lead to humanities self destruction. Well it's been almost 80 years and still no real indication that they will ever reveal this truth to anyone. If the general public had been informed and allowed to report on the first retrieval of a crashed UFO and the debris and alien bodies that had been recovered had been open for the worlds greatest scientists to study And despite the turmoil of humanity learning for the first time that the universe was full of beings far more intelligent that we are and that we are not gods only creation The scientists from around the world start making breakthroughs that transform our word. And If this would have been what happened after Roswell back in 1947 by today, almost 80 years later humanity would be a space faring civilization today with bases across the solar system. Even if knowing the truth means learning that earth is a big pee tree dish and humanity is a genetic experiment. Even if this is the case you can't even begin to fight your way out until you know your place

  2. Scott, it doesn't look like a true orb to me. Look at it really closely. It has more of a stubby cylinder shape to it, perhaps a slightly oblong cylinder. It looks like a really short cylinder that's somewhat thinner and rounded off at the top. It also looks like there's some kind of viewport right in the center. Good catch, man.

  3. that is not a "fact" when talking about the blur. That's not how cameras interpolate motion blur. Without vector data, you can't fully say if there is directional motion blur vs depth of field (which it looks more like bokeh)

  4. That's cool but I have a video of a orb making advasive maneuvers around a astronaut & the iss.

  5. Worth checking out: The end of the rencent interview of Tim Pool by Joe Rogan, two of the smartest guys in the room sent out to his 30 million followers on his youtube channel on all things ET and alien..

  6. The 2nd picture at 3:48 – the UFO is there, just faint.. if you zoom in or highlight it's there. Looks like it was just coming into view or into our dimension

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