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  1. It's interesting and very sad, that this video which may be one of the most important UFO sighting and proof of an extremely intelligent alien species gets more down ratings than likes. I've heard from a witness that this event was real and that this craft was extremely fast.

  2. at first it behaves like an RC model with inertia , wobbles, but then it speeds off really fast and stable

  3. Escargency

    Ett UFO,som utgått ifrån ett Amerikanskt Hangarfartyg i Medelhavet,utanför Italiens kust,fick skulden för ett Radioaktivt Läckage,ehuru Hangarskeppet vart Kärnkraftsdrivet-då tog UFOt-som överkommits billigt vid AREA 51-Roswellbasen,på en Tur/Retur-resa,förbi det EGENTLIGA LÄCKAGET-det som syns som en Vit/Röd-skorsten i Bakgrunden,ett ITALIENSKT kärnkraftverk,som vart det som spårades av Hangarfartygets Strålningstekniker,som KÄLLAN-för läckaget ut i Medelhavet vid Italiensk kust.Så den korrupta idéen att skulla på "Yänkarna" denna gången,slog slint.UFO-t cirkulerar medvetet ovanför båten,mitt framför Kärnkraftsverket,bredvid den contaminerade Italienska Floden-filmat första gången av Professor Strambabolo 36 år från Schweiz,han satt tydligen u Båten,så det vart väl hans "låtsas-kompis Mollgan" som filmade då…eller…nån gjorde det…och ÄKTA 53 sekunder av U.F.O. är det::E.T.-Phone home……man ser Magnetskuggorna som vita Tårtbits-formade snurrande 120 graders vinkel-fullständigt fantastiskt….detta bekräftar rykten om att Amerikanarna har verkligen U.F.O.n i sin Flotta-det ska vara FEM stycken,varav tre fungerar perfect-som synes ett av dem….Escargency Research & Rescue-Tempus Omnius Revelat-Historiska Tillrättalägganden av Thomas Escargency-kallmyr

  4. Mi ricordo che avevo 9 anni quando nel 2009, andando a cercare video sugli ufo incappai in questo. A scuola ne raccontai ai miei amici e per settimane non facemmo altro che parlane e a proposito cominciammo anche a seguire il programma su Italia 1 "Mistero". Era affascinante ma allo stesso tempo ci metteva paura e io la notte non riuscivo a dormire per paura che un disco volante si materializzasse alla mia finestra per prelevarmi. Quasi 11 anni dopo, appena 19enne ritorno alle vecchie glorie che furono con un sorriso e una piccola lacrimuccia 😌

  5. As I've been delving into video processing, I thought I'd take another look at this with the video editor kdenlive to see if it might be a fake. Kdenlive is similar to early versions of Adobe After Effects, the program with which one person claims the video was probably faked. Looking at it frame by frame, I don't see how anyone could have faked it without an enormous amount of effort.

    The video was evidently made with a typical consumer-type video camera from around this time (2003), which had bad autofocus (at this distance) and used a lot of image recombination; that is, to get detail, for each frame it combines data from previous frames to reduce the overall noise and increase detail. This only works well when the scene is relatively stationary; when there's a lot of movement, the individual frames (or the parts that move) don't get combined well, the image smears and it loses sharpness. When you look at this video frame by frame, you see that the UFO and the background objects drift in and out of focus at exactly the same times and by roughly the same amount, and when the motion of the camera or the UFO is fast, you see four or five images layered over one another but displaced in the direction of motion. When the UFO is hovering and the camera is moving, both the smokestack and the UFO appear in four or five similarly shifted layers, but when the UFO accelerates away from the smokestack, off to the left, the layers of the UFO become much more widely separated than those of the smokestack (at 00:01:46:09). This happens because the UFO is moving faster relative to the camera than the smokestack, and indicates that both the smokestack and the UFO were videoed with a single camera, seeing both objects in a single scene but with different motions relative to the camera.

    A fake would have to combine a track containing the scenery (without UFO) with a separate track containing just the UFO and a transparent background. You'd have to add focus and layering effects to the UFO track, and make the UFO drift in and out of focus in just the same way as does the background scene in the first track. And then you'd have to add layering effects to the UFO image in such a way that they reflect the same motion of the camera relative to the scenery plus the motion of the UFO. This would require a lot of frame-by-frame adjustment. In addition, the UFO track would have to work from a detailed 3D model of the UFO. Just making a computer model of the UFO would be a good piece of work, and putting it through all the transformations to get the rotation and wobbling effects, the changes in size and perspective, and the movements of the vents would be a large undertaking. Not to mention that 3D animation required pretty powerful computers in 2003. With the right software tools and weeks of tedious work it might have been possible, but it would be a real masterpiece, and to what end, if you don't at least let someone know who did it?

    Here's a genuine fake, one that doesn't have these characteristics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxry6wWHPK0

    There's no doubt in any case about the location. Look up coordinates 46.137200, 12.693112 on Google maps. These coordinates take you to a point on road Strada Regionale SR251. Here, according to Hangar18b.com, an Austrian vacationer saw the UFO. The bridge to the north, whence the UFO comes, is the Ponte Giulio, highway SP19. If you go to satellite view, then Google street view, and zoom in on a smoke stack to the south of the bridge, you can see that it's like the one in the video, as is the hill in the background. In the interview, the Austrian says he left an Italian campground around 9 or 10am, drove to Maniago, which was impassable because of a visit by the president of South Tirol, so then he got mixed up and drove on strada regionale SR251 to the south. As he was driving south, at 46.137200, 12.693112, at around noon, he saw the UFO come from the Ponte Giulio in the North and then circle near the smokestack, which you can see up close at 46.135693, 12.679120 (satellite view). He says the students must have been on a hill behind his car, conceivably on the hill at 46.143316, 12.688083, where there is a sports stadium. There is no Google street view at this hill, but at 46.134864, 12.689683 in Google Street View you can see the smokestack and hills from a perspective on the bridge, SR251, that is not far from the hill where the video was probably taken.

    In the final part of the video you see a stone embankment in front of the bridge, which is clearly visible in Google Satellite View at the point where SR251 leaves the eastern bank of the gorge. Thus, whether or not the UFO is a fake, the landscape is real, and the perspective is a plausible one for a group of students who might have been attending a sports event at the stadium, equipped with a typical video camera from around 2003.

    Some people I've shown this video to think that it might be real, but that the object must be some sort of drone or military experimental craft. I find it baffling that educated people think earthly engineers could build a silent aircraft that can rotate while hovering, then speed away at thousands of km/h without jet exhaust or sonic boom.

    Original TV3 broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dQcvZsD26k
    Austrian witness (in German): https://youtu.be/V7BI7OKtwr8

  6. This craft is real and might be man made or stolen if NOT… then its an ARK and belongs to the Grey Type's. It collects species of insects/animals. We humans ARE killing off lots of species on this planet so its no surprise the ZOO keepers are collecting samples. There is more footage of this craft in similar enviroments.

  7. Alors ca c'est pas un fake mais bien un ovni d'un autre monde où alors de la rétro-ingéniérie de l'armée!!!

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