UFO over Chicago? Mysterious BLACK SHAPE IN SKY is Easy to Explain

The Chicago UFO sighting, for many a great mystery. Lions Ground breaks down ‘the clearest UFO sighting ever’ (CC: ENG, NL, ES). Share this video video before leaving thanks!

This video appeared on the YouTube channel of Pen News on October 6, 2021. A short 34 second video depicting a weird crutch shape object in the sky over Chicago.


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12 Comments on “UFO over Chicago? Mysterious BLACK SHAPE IN SKY is Easy to Explain”

  1. I seen this the other day, got a kick out of it too, I made an obscene comment on the web site that posted it and it go deleted. This video made the rounds, I just figure if some nit wit in the news department thought that this hoax was news worthy they deserve an obscene remark posted in their comment section.

  2. Interesting analysis. The video clearly jumps. Thought something was off with that weird shape.

  3. When people record ufos the video may be in different clips depending on what is going on with the person the camera or the ufo. Nobody wants to watch a long video of a ufo just hovering in the sky I know I wouldn't. ALSO ufos tend to make the cameras blurry or sometimes won't show on the camera that is if the ufo doesn't turn off all electrical devices. Ufos can also control the persons mind & other peoples minds in the area.

  4. The balloon part reminds me of the infamous UFO Summoner Robert Bingham. If you don't know him, please look him up, you will have field day. Great video 👆

  5. So it's not Aliens from Zebulon-7 plotting to kidnap our president and take over the world?….. Well, that sucks!

  6. Dude idk, it seems like your grasping at any straws you can find to say that it’s a fake video. I can admire the work you put into making this video though.

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