UFO Over Colima Volcano, Mexico On March 29, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: March 29, 2015 CST 10:06:03
Location of sighting: Colima Volcano, Mexico
Live Cam: http://www.webcamsdemexico.com/webcam-volcan-de-colima.html

I was checking out the live cam at Colima, because Streetcap1 found a UFO there a few days ago, when I was lucky enough to catch a similar UFO on the opposite side of the volcano. Streetcap1 caught his on the left side middle of the volcano. I caught mine on the right side middle. Take a look at the live cam for yourself and see if you can catch something. Cams are the newest weapons in the UFO researches arsenal. SCW


5 Comments on “UFO Over Colima Volcano, Mexico On March 29, 2015, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Couldn't find it as the link had moved on to the latest photos same as it did when you checked for mine. This is so good, I have decided to hate you forever.

  2. You know something its getting to the point to where i'm starting to get irritated with these governments that keep denying all of these sites cause i know in the past all they had to say was that it was someone faking it but come on if everyone who posts a vid has that type of education to do that then this world should be full of graphic designers. HORSE SHIT

  3. Hey scott !   when you were going threw the images, the black orb seems to be on the left side of the volcano at one point !!

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