4 Comments on “UFO Over Las Vegas On Feb 27, 2016, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Scott, i hear that the TW's love to gamble there, & that they have a few vetted casinos that honours there gamblin fun time business when no one else is around to witness, other than those vetted casino operators & there selected & vetted casino dealers too…

    There escorted by A51 security personnel we now understand too, hell i wonder if those Tall White ET's break the houses by utilizing there telepathic mental & mathematic computational & logic skills, just like they must do when helping designing & building avionic & weapons sys's that there so expert at doing for the global super powers defense contractors…

    And Now I wonder if those TW ET boys like ahhum, Vegas Stripping Earth Females & etc, from earth that's in assorted colors like M&M's I'm reckonin & i hope no innocent earth woman/women is missing by those SoB's either.

  2. this is DEFINATELY the zipline… it goes from the roof of the tall building to the roof of the small building then is pulled slowly back to the tall… u are watching it being pulled back to the tall

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