UFO over Maricopa? Woman captures strange light occurrence

Jasmine Montenegro recorded this video of strange lights in the night sky over Maricopa, Arizona on Feb. 4, 2021. Did you see these lights that night? Send your photos and videos to pictures@12news.com.

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37 Comments on “UFO over Maricopa? Woman captures strange light occurrence”

  1. I saw the same thing in Stanton cal orange county only there were more lights I ran I side didn't want to get abducted

  2. I saw several of these on a webcam last night for Saint‐Malo. Most were blue, a couple orange red. IMO they are UFOs or light Beings. Go to the webcam to see if they show up tonight.

  3. UFOs are real & it has been sighted more frequently in recent years around the world. I personally witnessed 3 times with my family outside our apartment in Singapore & posted my encounters on my channel. Seeing is believing.

  4. These lights can be seen here in Maricopa near or on top of Table Top. We live near the 84 and Amarillo. There is a lot that happened on 2/9/2021 with those lights. Get a pair of binoculars to see closer. We did and are absolutely blown

  5. Man I've been seeing these lights in southern mexico for a few nights like blinking or glowing hard and there's some structure behind it

  6. I saw some lights earlier today around 7pm here in az, there were 4 if them and they were glowing pretty big, the first two were the same color and kinda dim but the 3rd one was really bright and they were moving kind of fast, they were low enough to fly behind some buildings, the lights were also in a line all following each other, I have no idea what it was lol

  7. I have around 30 minutes of footage of the EXACT SAME craft! Taken in Glendale, AZ. I posted the videos on my channel. I have seen them nonstop for a week now.

  8. You should take some pics in night mode. Or you can have it on night mode and screen record and ya can't do night video. I have so many of Sui many things in the sky this past month.

  9. This is incredible! These lit up objects have been filmed from pilots’ phones as well. There was a show that came on the History channel I believe it was. On the show, a pilot was describing his experience and it showed his phone’s video of the object outside of his plane in the distance. The same type of object that you see here. I paused the DVR and took a screenshot of the object in question, blew it up on my phone and tried to adjust the image’s brightness etc. and crazy enough, seen what looked exactly like a little grey 👽 inside looking at the plane. Big eyes and all. Well, in this video at mark 1:03, pause it, take a pic and blow it up on your phone and adjust as best as you can with the edit tools and you can see what looks to be either two objects or one, but with two beings inside on each end that’s lit up. You can also hold down Ctrl and hit print scrn, and paste the still image in paint on your computer and blow it up. It’s the same type of object from other video footage Ive seen. I could be wrong on all this but that’s sure as hell what it looks like to me. Two beings with big eyes inside the glowing spheres. Amazing footage

  10. I saw the exact same thing last night over Gilbert,AZ. It happened around 7:40 pm. There were 2 other individuals that caught it on film. I wasn’t able to get my iPhone camera on before it was gone.

    Please people of God REPENT and turn back to God before it's too late
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  12. Saw one that looked very much like this one, except it was super upclose. It had a silver aura ring around it, and my eyes couldn't focus on it. It was the most bizzare thing I've seen to this day

  13. I saw the same exact thing yesterday Sunday May 23th but it was just 1.. i was on my way back home from Green Bay Wisconsin to Rochester MN, around 7pm it was very cloudy and day light still i could see the orange light perfectly i never seen anything like it.. unfortunately i was driving and i couldn't take a video!!😩

  14. I was doing long exposure last night to catch the eclipse. It was cloudy so i was hoping for a break in the clouds. I took a few exposures of the clouds in hopes to see anything. I got a trail that shot through the clouds so fast it could not have been a plane. Also no blinking lights in my picture so its definitely not. The uniformity of the cloud tube and how straight over the entire sky is not humanly possible.

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