UFO Over Plymouth, England On Sept 21, 2020, MUFON, UFO Sighting News.

MUFON #111514
Eyewitness states: I was walking up a hill to my local shop and normally see a bright star on my way up the hill I looked up and noticed something moving from a right to left motion in one speed on a straight line recored for a few seconds then walked 60 meters down the road and recorded the same ufo on the same line so recorded it again he had military planes flying around earlier in the day but it was so quiet when I recorded it.


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  1. Yeah that's NOT from Earth because it's emiting a white electromagnetic energy field or shields I should say. No Earthlings made craft can do that yet

  2. Behold this thee curse that's coming to thine earth, that thou seesth… Deuteronomy: ch 28 vs 20… Thine holy chariots of fire horsemen, which the world: so ignorantly calls UFO…
    2 king: ch 6; vs 17 & 2 kings: ch 2; vs 11 & Isaiah: ch 66; vs 15
    You're Welcome

  3. I’m from Chicago and my wife and I saw something similar. There were other stars in the sky and then this one that was way brighter and moving really fast.

    They’ve been seeing 2 suns in Arizona lol.

    All of this is from the scriptures. Yahawashi is preparing his return.

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