10 Comments on “UFO Over Portland, Oregon 12/23/2020, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. hi ufo sighting daily i would like to talk to you because i have a video i took last night at 3am in tj baja of a 4 story building of my apartment by beach close to the border of san diego ca .i was out side to smoke a cig on 4 story building by the beach. and i saw a full moon and was like aww so cool so i got my back up phone and took a picture than a big square thing cover 1/4 of the moon and was moving weird than i started taking a video of it and than 2 bright lights came from the moon and i was so in shock what i saw it was moving and i could see a big dark square thing above the moon than going down by the moon that i ran in to my friend house and told him yo bro something out their hurry up but when i went back it was gone and the moon was gone like it vanish and the moon started to be cover but really fast never seen a full moon do that in my life. it was like if you take a video of the sky and fast forward vedio 10x and shows the sky going dark to morning something like that but i didn't thought much of it i stop the video but i never look into ufo or seen or be leave in it until i went to your web sight and saw a same story of square thing by the sun and a video of a 1 to 3 thousand long space ship in the sky and make me wonder is that what i saw and why is it front of the moon so please respond or send me your ink were could send the video to you and picture i took to see if you figure out what i saw because idk about aliens and i only been looking for answers all day. and it my first time looking into this

    please respond back to me UFO Sightings Daily

  2. im not doing a prank im being for real i haven't stop thinking what i saw and how their other reports of this weird giant square thing

  3. It would be good if you posted some videos that were actually clear and that we could really see what's in it. Just sayin

  4. I’ve been hearing ufos over my apartment every night for a couple of months now

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