UFO Release + Blisk In-Game + *NEW* Confirmed Mirage Lore (Apex Legends News)

UFO Release + Blisk In-Game + *NEW* Confirmed Mirage Lore (Apex Legends News)

Alarmix here, in this apex legends video I am going to be talking about some season 6 news plus more. This is going to include the ufo, blisk, new mirage lore and more. I really hope you enjoy this apex video!

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33 Comments on “UFO Release + Blisk In-Game + *NEW* Confirmed Mirage Lore (Apex Legends News)”

  1. Not going to lie I hate the lore trailers like lobas. look at cryptos trailer that shit was lit I like how they show all the legends and the most recent one was sick too

  2. Hey I have a question what do you edit with oh and it would be nice if you dm me on discord I am in your server here is my discord name Bucknorris0108YT #2174

  3. The epg was in titanfall an under revenants desk not on the ground ths bow shpuld make its way into apex

  4. I think the comic takes place at this current time in the Apex universe. Lifeline is mad at Octane for being reckless I think and almost getting himself killed. And when they connected Ash’s head, the two had a conversation about some names Ash mentioned that aroused concern. She was still mad at him and didn’t want to talk to him and apparently blocked him. So anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s during the games.

  5. That’s cool and all but don’t u guys think what the trailer would be tomorrow cause it well be o.p maybe blizx we’ll meet Rampart

  6. I think its a stupid heirloom idea but wattson should have a electrical rod, like a rod with sparks coming out of it as her heirloom, not that creative huh so then the legendary animation should be like she points her finger at the enemy and it blows a spark of electricity 👉🏻⚡️

  7. The compound bow wasn't spotted in the season 6 trailer. It was in some shots of areas that a developer had worked on.

  8. I love ur videos and I just subscribed and I have no one that can play with me on pc and I was wondering if I could play with you maybe

  9. I really want a skin for lifeline Nd octane wearing street clothes maybe a battle pass one season will feature the legends with a chillin out kinda skin maybe a beach season or something I always imagine wraith wearing a black hoodie Nd some leggings Nd lifeline with some grey sweats Nd a crop top hoodie

  10. mini theory just to put the comments at a satisfying 300, I bet that mirage was a holo pilot that, like jack cooper, suffered head trauma making him forget and his mom made up a story to explain what happend to him, this would explain why an idiot like him has survived has survived as long as he has in the games and where the scars on his face and the cuts and scratches on his armor came from. But hey thats just a theory… A GAAME THEORY! thanks for reading.

  11. Anyone noticed the symbol of the iron crown event in the new trailer where bangalore and gibby were sitting at

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