UFO Report: government "inconclusive" on alien life, aerial phenomena

A highly anticipated report containing everything the U.S. government knows about UFOs — or as the Pentagon refers to the mysterious aerial sightings, “UAP” — was unclassified and released to the public Friday. The report was released on the website of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

NewsNOW’s Andrew Craft spoke with UFO expert Nick Pope on the unclassified report that looked at 144 sightings of aerial phenomena from 2004 to 2021. It does not rule out alien activity, but also did not confirm that the sightings were extraterrestrial.

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23 Comments on “UFO Report: government "inconclusive" on alien life, aerial phenomena”

  1. Ancient Astronauts, Elohim, Anunnaki, Igigi, The Watchers, The Sons of God, Fallen Ones, Stars of Heaven, Sky People, Nephilim, Angels & Demons. If they are here, they've likely been here for a very long time, and they have had many names besides. There's nothing new under the Sun.

  2. According to the UAP Task Force Report said, that these UAPS are NOT from American Technology.

    Think about it. If these UAPS where from Russia or China, they would have DEFINITELY USED such a Advanced Technology, against us by now!

    We better hope these UAPS that have been flying in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades, are Extraterrestrial. Because if these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then America is in BIG TROUBLE!

    Think about this. If these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then our Intelligence agencies, should All be ***(FIRED)***! Because these UAPS have been flying in American Air Spaces for Decades! This would be the BIGGEST Intelligence FAILURE in the history of the United States! And the UAP Task Force Report said, that these UAPS are NOT from American Technology.

    And once again, if these UAPS where from Russia or China, they would have DEFINITELY USED it Against us by now!

    So if these UAPS are Not from American Technology. And unless our Intelligence agencies, had a MASSIVE Intelligence Failure, to detect that Russia or China, had Extremely Advanced Technology, that could fly in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades! Then WHO, or WHAT else is left for these UAPS???

    A lot of people have speculated, that more Advanced Extraterrestrial life forms, would view us like we view Animals here on Earth; as less Advanced life forms, to VIEW and monitor our behavior and Habits; like the way we Monitor and Track Animals behavior in the wild.

    This is a very good Theory. Because like how we Monitor and Track animal Behavior in the wild; and even implant Tracking devices on Animals, to track their behavior patterns; a much more Advanced life form, might look at us as a Experiment, to Observe our Progress and Behavior; and Not really want to interfere with us in order to Contaminate the Experiment.

    That is why, there is probably very little Contact or Landing of these UFOs, from these possible Extraterrestrial life forms. They are Monitoring us as a Species.

    Think about it!

    And another point. Many people and Scientist, are using Human Logic, to try to make sense of how we think, that other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or act. We have No idea, how other Intelligence life forms might Think or behave, or how Advanced their Technologies could be! So for Scientist to think that they would know how other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or their Logic, is not right. Scientist are making a BIG assumption, that other UFO life forms, would think like us. And we really have NO IDEA; how, or what other Extraterrestrial life forms, would think or Behave based on THEIR logic. And this Logic applies to how Advanced other Intelligent Alien life forms Technology could be. We have no idea just how Advanced Other Extraterrestrial life forms Technology could be. Just because WE cannot travel Vast distances in Space. That doesn't mean that some other Intelligent life forms, could not have figured out how to Travel vast distances in Space.

  3. It's been over 70 years now and the United States Intelligence is still not telling us that We Are Not Alone in this universe.

  4. aliens greys are plant&bio interested,they can smell sulphoric.. big dark eyes .. a 12 years young boy in Denmark 1956 saw 3 of them,one of them with berries in the hands ,dropping them when seeing the young boy and approched him ,standing near a bush at the countryside near a house ,the kids playing hide&seek and the young boy was hiding in a bush when he heard strange talkings..he saw them . and they had a close encounter. very interesting case ! 🙂 ..he felt paralyzed as it watched him close .before they suddently ran back and took of in a silvery shaped disc…He was the only one seeing these 3 aliens . He also describes at the landing site there was a leftover of some sort of "black gel" substance ,with no smell or sticky ,just gel ,they rest him and friends decided just to burry it and didnt think much about it ! .. ( what what this "black gel " leftover" ?? interesting case it is . 🙂

  5. another big STEP towards total alien disclosure, we got to officially start some where, and this is it (At least Now UFOs' existence are Officially Recognized and the WORLD is Alerted

  6. People need to rely on each other to figure this out cause our governments are not taking. More than 70 yrs of ufo reports, investigations, and they shorten it down to 9 pages of nothing. It’s an insult for them to keep acting ignorant like they don’t know what this is. Only the so called elites can have that information. To hell with them all.

  7. The report is unacceptable, it reads like someone mashed it together in a fews days not 6 months of work. The public deserves more info than this. It's a joke. It's also almost the exact same announcement Maj. Gen. John A. Samford said about flying saucers in 1952. You're telling me we haven't learned anything more in 70 years, how dumb do they think people are…

  8. It was no report, it was a dismissal – they gave us nothing and were begrudged that they gave even that.

  9. The intelligence agencies/pentagon literally think were all dumb. This report is an insult. They NEED TO BE MORE TRANSPARENT ABOUT EVERYTHING. The citizens of the US are over it. There will be an uprising if they don’t start coming out with the TRUTH!

  10. This is how most people feel about the UAP report. Just something hashed up eating some hash browns at McDonalds. Atleast they should have listed out in the Appendix all of the 144 cases including names of eyewitnesses who can be interviewed.

  11. So one page for each organization that helped could not even be achieved? ~20 organizations together only made 9 pages of a nothing report? We've all written bigger reports for school.

  12. no need to study! it is so easy to know what is behind those phenomena (so easy to identify who is behind this phenomena and what type of technology they use), humans must focus on Gravity right now, it needs a lot of work.
    The funnest part is that the irrationals are looking for alien life while those hidden malicious aliens are behind their religions!
    Humans worship the dirty malicious aliens unknowingly!
    there are those reached cycle two: means deciphering Gravity and so-called consciousness type two, they abused and manipulated mankind using high tech and dirty malicious tricks since thousands of years ago (easy provable)
    while humans are still irrational entities busy with killing each other and worshiping the ….
    not only that percentage of mankind are not humans anymore (easy provable too) they are targeting those weak mentally and psychologically, they are not slaves because it is not possible to enslave irrational entity, no one rational can say that he enslaves cow or dog or …., slavery only for rational entities (reprogrammed) they use them for hunting (this is not new, this is exist since thousands of years ago, they found the planet earth by chance thousands years ago)
    the irrationals must know who they are! and differentiate between the dirty irrational destructive meanness and the real rational pure constructive human intelligence to have the chance to become rational intelligent entities (science needs rational entities and the irrational meanness impedes intelligence)
    everything is governed by science: nothing would come into existence without science.
    It is a real dilemma.

  13. this is not human technology simply because it needs rational entities! it is not possible for irrational entities to decipher both of Gravity and consciousness type two!

  14. It is confirmed for me that these UFOs are a physical reality. I can now deduce, considering the speed and maneuvering capabilities of these objects, that they do not originate from humans but from a more technologically advanced species. Now the relevant questions are the origins (extraterrestrial or extra dimensional) and intentions (to observe or to interpose) of this newly realized species of higher intelligence.

  15. Someone tell me where to get a deflating balloon that hovers motionless, In high winds, for long periods of time, and that travels 30 times the speed of sound. Better yet 9 deflating balloons that simulteously surround navy warships while demonstrating descernable intent/intelligence in their maneuverability. Thats one hell of a deflating balloon 🧐

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