UFO Report – Intel Committee states that UFOS cause a pressing threat to National Security

UFO Report – They’re late, they better hurry, it’s due out already! – Senator Marco Rubio

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Clip courtesy of my friend Mauricio Ruiz
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27 Comments on “UFO Report – Intel Committee states that UFOS cause a pressing threat to National Security”

  1. They’re not gonna tell us a thing. Why would they? They never have been open or honest so why would they start now? Sorry if that’s really negative but I just think they won’t tell us anything.

  2. Until someone like Lou or Nick Pope man's up and tells what they know NDA's be dammed and risks jail we will never know the whole truth….I think some way can be found ( remember FBI director Lurch told all he wasn't allowed to disclose to some university "professor" who did)…..just saying ….


  4. Conservative Marco Rubio sounds just like the Paranoid Military industrial complex of everything they don't understand or Control is a threat to our National Security of Control and Secret Technology and Air Superiority and don't forget Profit !!!! This fool would find The Real Brown skin Jesus a Threat to the National Security of Corrupt, Paranoid people in the Military industrial complex and The Political arena !!!! Well at least he's not denying it's a real Phenomenon !!!! LOL. I still wouldn't trust anything a Politician says, especially a Republican !!!! Democrats wouldn't reveal anything either if they knew anything more than the Public !!! The Late Report will be like Project Blue Book or the other Public Mis- information Campaigns to dissuade the public from being interested in it and to continue to stonewall the American People. If there's anything New ,it won't be too significant at all !!! Disclosure? We'll see won't We ?

  5. Haha just laughing how stupid they are they already know it for while.
    Statements like they just ignored for while..
    I think this whole planet is like a psychiatric hospital and we all are patiences some escaped and know the truth others lives in different realms and believes and all this is steered as the world evolution goes.

    One day if this willbeannounced and people will know the plain truth those who denied they will be the first who will say that they know it long time.
    It’s a joke how long we have to wait.
    There is no threat from space I think the biggest problem
    In our universe is our species because we cannot live in harmony and after all false flags we still waiting for war or anything then we turning to some profit.
    No matter what crisis is all is for profiting

  6. If they wanted us dead…….. we would have been decades ago! They haven’t destroyed anything but livestock it would appear from ‘The Skinwalker Ranch’ stories. If we feel they are such a threat why weren’t they 20 years ago? 50? 100? Just my thoughts on it.

  7. You do an amazing job of bringing us these news pieces! I just wanted to say it’s much appreciated brother!

  8. If I hear from our adversaries one more time so help me Lord forgive me on my French I will lose my s***!!!!!!!!! These things are depicted on Cave walls people

  9. Why do you have Rue Paul on. AKA Marco Rubio. He's got to be related to Rue Paul…hes had more plastic surgery than Joan Rivers. Too. Wow. Freaky.

  10. Just like in the movie V for Vendetta where Sutler has the media play up V as a threat:
    "I want them to remember why they need us!"

  11. It appears that the u.s. airforce is testing new hypersonic aircraft on the u.s. Navy.
    Healthy competition 👉👽👈

  12. Hasn’t bothered us for 2021+ years and haven’t cause any problems but hey provoke them because yall wanna be kings of the world lmao

  13. Look Deeper. There is a reason they are pushing UFO rhetoric and it aint good.

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