UFO Reports, Fearless Attack Bears, and that Darn Container Ship -Paranormal News from the Wasteland

On the news this week we discuss the stupid container ship (of course), a UFO report that the Gov owes us, and, most interestingly, new viruses that are infecting bears in Tahoe and causing them to not fear humans. I must admit, on this last one I’m both totally entertained and completely terrified.
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3 Comments on “UFO Reports, Fearless Attack Bears, and that Darn Container Ship -Paranormal News from the Wasteland”

  1. The backhoe was Not trying to push out the Ship… it was building a "bridge" for Hull inspection, even though it may seem humorous to some the reality is far more harsh ( no laughter here ) the world economy is becoming fragile to say the least so laugh now pay later… those Bears are just one species in trouble, there are other creatures behaving strangely For instance the Orange Starfish on the West coast are in a great die-off for reasons unknown… remember Everything is connected in nature… everyday we wake up on the green side of the grass is a Good day to live in Canada is beyond fantastic, by the way it is not uncommon for Bears to eat other Bears Thank's you 2 Peace out.

  2. Báo cáo về UFO, Gấu tấn công không sợ hãi và Con tàu container Darn đó,CHIA SẺ HAY QUÁ NÈ BẠN ,

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