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  1. US Army has signed a CRADA to study UFO wreckage metal samples supplied by Tom Delonges UFO group TTSA according to media reports. The UFO metal came from the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 according to Linda Moulton Howe who owned the metal.

  2. Not only is the world stranger than we suppose, it is far stranger than we CAN suppose.

    Man's ignorance is surpassed only by his smallness.

    Truly strange. Here's one enigma that skeptics can't easily dismiss, that's for sure.

  3. Blaha, not a very credible or believable name for an astronaut!…Houston Blaha spotted another spaceship…just sayin!

  4. Well after this how can we believe anything from NASA or the government when NASA says neither they nor any other government division is investigating aliens and ET's when just a couple years ago reports and videos on UFOs were released? So we now know for a fact at least 1 section of government is investigating.

  5. Of course it's not a cult, besides thousands of mutilations and all over the world? yeah, right. And it's not the helicopters or the disinformation from military personnel bragging about doing it, nobody fell for that crap.

  6. There's no mystery about mutilations.  Alpha predation is responsible.  Why is it that the remains of a dead animal with apparent surgically-produced injuries lead straight to aliens?  The slow-moving, hooved animals are being killed by predators.  They attack the soft tissues like udders, vaginas, mouths, tongues, etc and stay completely away from their tough, leather hides.  They are usually found with one eye to the sky.  And, the eyes are easy targets as food. The blood naturally coalesces in the part of their bodies closest to the ground and coagulates there leading to the erroneous conclusion that all their blood has been removed.  Why would aliens give a rat's ass about a cow, anyway?   Ya know? Just saying.

  7. Please reform human space force.

    Wanted to try authentic American hotdog recipe so we collected lips, eyeballs, and anuses from a few cows and now we are labelled pirates.
    Humans call it mutilation when we make hotdogs but you do it and call it farming.

    FYI, dark energy is an illusion caused by a gravitationally induced dopplar effect stretching electromagnetic wavelengths due to space curvature. A greater distance increases the time gravity effects light. Galaxies not accelerating away from you. No big bang, this universe is infinite.

  8. Ive participated in several dozen post mordems of mutilated animals here in the Ozarks of Missouri throughout the late 60's n 70's and I can say from eye witness accounts is that the incisions/cookie cutter type of cuts are to percise to be done by any knife frequently there are no predation nor fluids presents…..I believe that its being done by demonic entiities.

  9. OK, who exactly has provided verifiable 'leaks' that NASA has concealed evidence of UFO encounters by astronauts in space? Not anonymous hall-whispers or nameless bloggers — people who really were there, and know from personal experience?

  10. opening comment is bullshit: “One of the most persistent stories surrounding the UFO phenomenon is that UFOs have made a practice of following American space missions se. Several astronauts have been quoted about the deep-space encounters but there has been no official confirmation of such contact.”

    The 'stories' are persistent, yes, because UFO hucksters keep repeating them — but ZERO astronauts have actually made such spaceflight reports, it's all media misrepresentation or total fabrication, for a gullible internet audience of nincompoops. 'Official confirmation' is only the misquoted astronauts making it clear the stories are bogus.

  11. "Agency documents contain suggested procedures that should be followed in the event that contact is made with an ET civilization ." == Show us, who says? Nobody but over-imaginative UFO salesmen like the guy on this program.


  12. Aliens are harvesting blood and lymph organs to isolate antibodies and cytokines against a large amount of infectous diseases. Cows inmune systems are very similar to humans and they are the perfect biofactories for medicines that will be used when the end of the world comes ( https://www.statnews.com/2017/07/20/cows-vaccines-hiv-immune/). Aliens implant tracking devices on the left ears so they know which cows are needed to be harvested. They don't touch non lymphoid tissues (tissues without white blood cells). They just need to test them for HIV, you will see…

  13. I am an "alien" "Selectee" and I know what is going on here. Yes, the aliens are doing this and are actually looking after our best interests. The cattle are grazing on radioactive isotopes from multiple causes, all man-made. This was first happening with cattle exposed to nuclear bomb test fallout around New Mexico and Colorado. The message is: Can't see it (harmful radioactive material), no eye. Can't taste it, no tongue. Can't hear it, no ear. Can't smell it, no snout. It mutates and mangles your dna, no sex organs. "Cored" "Wrectum", your butts up, Buttercup, etc. The Oregon cattle mutilations relate directly to the Fukushima fallout which is very bad as that plant used Mox fuel which is a plutonium and uranium mixed oxide and is very poisonous. It is a very macabre message as they consider this a very serious issue yet are unable to communicate any other way except through the crop circle and snow art mess-age.

    It gets worse. The crop circle message is strictly about mans disregard to containing the ionizing radiation which Eisenhower received directly from the horses mouth, so to say. This is why nuke tests went underground. However, nuclear melt-downs and radioactive waste such as found at Hanford are huge concerns as they nearly permanently ruin the environment on a time scale beyond human comprehension. There is a chemical formula for making radioactive waste inert and extinguishing a meltdown: However, some have made the decision to not use it. The reason is it contains gold, about 400 ounces per typical fuel rod plus gallium and ytterbium. Gold has become a financial instrument and Americas gold was stolen on 9-10-01 in part as a retribution for General Patton bringing Germany's gold back to the USA. It was actually replaced with gold plated tungsten bars. Interesting the symbol for tungsten is "W".

    The ole switcheroo: https://cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk/photos/2008/uk2008ce.shtml
    Oregon Mandala, when you still had a prayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJUh5EOLUnc
    It gets worse still. The"aliens" are indicating they will repair our melt-downs for us if we choose not to. Sounds good until you realize what they are up to. They will use mass and energy in the form of asteroids directed through wormholes. The large Sri Yantra Oregon Mandala in the Alvord desert, 1990 is part of the me's sage. It depicts an asteroid hitting the Hanford plant. Notice it is nearly due south of Hanford? The placement also indicates the radius of "All Void". There is also indications it will break every bridge in the USA while leaving nearly a 30 mile diameter crater! It is no coincidence Bush was president when the formation was discovered as the same year a US Navy vessel dumped many barrels of toxic radioactive waste into the S. F. bay and a formation suddenly appeared at the Cargill salt flats which the government quickly had destroyed. It happened in broad daylight, and witnesses saw the silver ufo create it. The formation indicated the exact size of asteroids to be used there.


     It, incredibly, gets even worse. The Fukushima Asteroid Repair Mechanism will drive a tsunami all the way to Utah. That is why Hanford will need to go first, as well as all the nuclear reactors and nuclear storage facilities in the way of the tsunami. The reason it goes all the way into Utah is Bikini Atoll gets repaired at the same time as the Fukushima repair. Australia goes under, Canada goes under, and the repairs continue to Europe which also gets drowned and obliterated and the East coast hasn't a chance in hell all the way to Colorado which gets an asteroid despite it being the only Superfund project ever to clean-up a nuclear site at Rocky Flats.

    Jellyfish are going to be everywhere! https://cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk/photos/2009/uk2009as.shtml#pic2
    Can you believe it could possibly be any worse? This was the plan of some humans who decided to weaponize the alien warnings and everything was buried under "National Security" secrecy. A survival shelter was built in the Rockies for the planners who screwed-up marvelously. It is why they had cleaned-up Rocky Flats: To survive what they intended to happen, namely, to have the aliens wipe out everyone but them, the "clever ones" untouched in the tax payer paid-for Deep Underground Military Base near Denver and some real faulty ones elsewhere that were promised to others to help in the plan. All of them will be oven traps. This is why no alien presence documentation will be forthcoming from the government.

    Sam, what about all those crazy cat mutilations? https://www.earthfiles.com/2019/08/12/part-2-history-of-bizarre-bloodless-cat-mutilations/

    Answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1Njr5XANdU

  14. How come there’s only 12,000 views and 183 lakes you would think some thing as big as this would be making headlines not to mention this is a very very old clip who knows when the actual footage was recorded

  15. I've just come across this after responding to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbzyIGcZOr0 a moment ago.

    And the one thing that's the only interesting thing in this entire video about ufo and animal mutilation is that maggots were either not found on the carcass or that they wouldn't consume the body.

    If that isn't an alarm bell, I don't know what to tell you.

  16. We are living in the age of (mis) information. So many truths are mixed with lies that it is impossible to understand what is really going on. I believe that there are many controlled conspiracy theorists that sabotage the real information to be leaked.

  17. El tal Strieber, si con lo que sucede con su esposa tiene "la misma interpretación que muestra aquí", entonces es posible que mientras le estén dando sexo duro a ella delante de él, suponga que le están haciendo masajes terapéuticos esenciales… pues acá dice "si bien es horrible lo que le sucedió a los animales, los humanos también hacen cosas horribles.." y el imbécil de cerebro mal alimentado NUNCA SE ENTERÓ que EL ASOMBRO Y ESTUPOR NO SE DEBÍA A "LO HORRIBLE", SINO A LA PRECISIÓN QUIRÚRGICA DE TAN ALTA ESCALA CON QUE FUERON REALIZADAS LAS MUTILACIONES"… Claro que, con esa cara de idiota, es MUY difícil encontrar alguna mínima inteligencia en el tipo.

  18. mutilation and blood draining of animals should be the biggest proof that there's such a big cover up or disinformation campaign involved for years now. No being anywhere would come to earth just for research by brutally killing our livestock. We are the livestock and Our livestock with possible human abductions lookin like the bargaining piece , for now

  19. Check out the documentary 'The Dyatlov Pass Incident.' In Russia in the 1950s 9 professional hikers perish in the wilderness under mysterious circumstances, some having injuries like the mutilated cattle in this video.

  20. Probably mcdonald's and other public chains is behind it, Ray kroc the Co owner of mcdonald's is a reptilian 😂😅, I also love milk.

  21. Hello, the reason for secrecy is because the aliens don't want you to know about them. They are in touch with our leaders and control everything. Obama said this on live TV, everyone thought he was joking. The Disclosure Project tried to force the government into telling the truth but then the aliens destroyed the world trade centre with some sort of particle beam. Perhaps its better like this, if we tried to stop them it would be war and they far outpower us.

  22. I spoke to a rancher in NM about this and he showed me tons of pictures that he had with his cattle militated and the laser they used we have nothing close to this technology.

  23. "aren't enough devil worshippers out there…." hahaha okay, that would be the 99%! Even Christians are performing a Satanic ritual by taking Communion!

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