UFO Secrets Demanded by Congress

The United States Congress is asking the Department of Defense for more information on UAP.

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37 Comments on “UFO Secrets Demanded by Congress”

  1. "Something is really happening" – you're not normally this understated.

    Clearly, members of Congress know how important this search for truth is because they wouldn't put this much effort into "ufo-nonsense" – if they are going to this much trouble, SOMETHING IS REALLY HAPPENING!!!. A new "Bluebook" just announced. WOW!

    NYT headlines tomorrow should read –
    2:37 "If this Bill is to be enacted, then within 180 days, a new office within the Office of the Secretary of Defence would be established to study UAP, it would replace the UAP Task Force – and this is an absolutely enormous deal…
    4:49 "It looks like Congress is specifically asking for information on (efforts underway to capture or exploit discovered UAP) and so we are at a new phase in transparency"

    I think more of the members of Congress want to speak out on this. You should try to contact some Congressman and see what he/she says about it.
    Thanks again so much for this video.

  2. Recover a UFO, and replicate it with engineering ..this is silly and never be true in my opinion..because it is like when a Stone age Human sees an apple smart phone..do you imagine that he will sign in Facebook.. or take a selfie.? Com'on….

  3. Ufo believers jump on this like it's about aliens when it's not at all. Setting yourself up for disappointment, UFO loving bros.

  4. Awesome news! Now if they'd just include the scientific community…but it might be more difficult to 'classify' those results. 😏

  5. Just imagine how much money , time and man power the government will be able to save , once it stops pretending it doesn't know what's going on .

  6. I’d say that most, if not all, of the things mentioned in this legislation has already been set into motion or has already taken place in black projects.

  7. Lou is in Italy and major News will be breaking from that. The UAP mytery is being taken out of US Secrecy's "hands"

  8. Elizondo is currently in San Marino, Italy. It has been suggested on Reddit that Italy or Germany might be getting ready to make an announcement, upstaging the United States. this would tie in to Elizondo's statement six months back or so that we should watch for a dark horse European country coming forward with some incredible news.

  9. Do you think that Biden ended the war in Afghanistan’ so to appease our alien friends. Maybe they told him that enough was enough and the human race needs to get their house in order if we wish to join a galactic society some time in the future? Maybe COVID was done on purpose as a warning shot saying we can wipe out the human race anytime they wish. I’m probably way of the mark but I am sure our governments know a lot more about the alien subject than we will ever know. Thanks for the update Ryan, it can’t be easy for you to keep communicating all the latest UAP information and must take up so much of your time.

  10. If the House and the Pres decides to attempt to force DoD to show what they might have squirreled away these distraction techniques are just going to become more intense. Buckle up for more bullshit.

  11. Clearly the level of UAP Disclosure is a bit higher in Congress owing to the classified report they received. This is a real bombshell, thanks Ryan!
    "Assertions [regarding off-world vehicles in our possession] should be taken seriously" Mellon might as well have confirmed that this is an extraterrestrial situation.

  12. The idea that my experience was probably a REAL experience (an attempted abduction where i woke-up in the middle of it and 'overheard' one of them thinking 'thank God this is working, because i am soooo hungry!') is very disturbing. Why is this so distressing? 1.) I was almost eaten or abducted (or both)- by something (probably alien, evil, or both) that neither my Dad nor the US Navy had any power to stop nor defend against; 2.) hundreds, maybe thousands of other people have been abducted or had similar experiences, and why? What is so special about any of us? Or, what is it about child biology that might be too complex for ET to figure-out by now? For example: ET has had plenty of time for pre-planning of any "alien invasion" that might be forthcoming, and has therefore lost the element of surprise. Either the greys are very stupid in their lack of experience at military planning, or else they are ALREADY HERE, already in to total control of one or more, critical systems of human culture. Every time i hear somebody say "God is in control", i start to wonder how "god" turned into a grey-skinned, 3 foot-tall dude in a silver jumpsuit, holding a remote control in his hand ("god" used to be a white guy, with a beard, who looked very human, who sat on a cloud, pointing at Michael Angelo). Additionally: they seemed to have a military structure or a "chain of command", an that hunger sailor claimed to believe in God- yet was clearly here to kill me and eat me, or ruin my life in some other, perverse fashion. Seven year-old children are supposed to be SAFE when they are in bed, in their own home, under their parent's roof. Grey's have been known to do ungodly things to humans of all ages and genders, seemingly with zero compassion or empathy- a 'just business' sort of mentality that does not bode well for the human spirit or "soul"; 3.) whomever or whatever the ET abduction phenomenon is… "they" are very desperate… for something. What? What can human blood/DNA offer them? If the grey's are US from the future, then maybe something is about to go horribly wrong with our human culture on this planet; such as a nuclear war: or maybe the run-away global warming that seems to be happening RIGHT NOW (even sooner than our scientists predicted) will make our planet unlivable. Conversely: if they are from our own past (or this planet's past); they are returning to our Planet of The Apes (We, The Apes, who were the "meek", have taken-over during these ancient astronaut's absence). In such a case of one-way, time travel, these greys are most likely to be parasites, vampires, or space invaders who must, out of their own necessity (and by logical reasoning)- already be controlling the "human cattle" by covert means. There is an ancient evil roaming this land, and He still marches about like a roaring lion. He does not allow for innovation; nor does our Lord Satan of Planet Exxon allow for any human progress in science, energy, nor the science of energy. We are only allowed to talk about climate science in private: any public discussion of global warming gets ridiculed. We are told to put on our "tin-foil" hats because the climate has ALWAYS been changing. Yes- i am sure that our climate often changed in the past whenever large herbivores totally deforested the globe, or some idiot started a nuclear war and caused a nuclear winter, or a comet hit this planet. And this leads me to conclude with number 4.) the ET presence is very disturbing because: they have failed to end all wars, failed to create or promote a lasting, global peace; failed to save the whales per Star Trek 4, The Voyage Home; failed to save our climate; failed to stop the asteroid or super-volcano; failed to allow Brazinsky to cure more cancer patients, failed to stop all of these "drive for the cure" scams that refuse to acknowledge that various cures for Cancer and MRSA are still being suppressed; ET failed to help Joe Newman produce and sell super-efficient electric motors and cooling fans; ET failed to tell Americans the truth about Thomas Edison's lithium ion battery; and these evil, alien overlords obviously helped Chase Bank to prevent Nikola Tesla from electrifying the atmosphere of the entire planet- so that we, human slaves, can (could have had) free electricity- at any location on the globe- by simply by sticking a copper rod into the ground ("air" is the transmission line or conductor, according to Nickola Tesla's original patent for wireless broadcasting of electricity, also known as FM radio or Wifi). For as much as the US Military and our Moms are powerless to stop ET from communing with children in the middle of the night (per Close Encounters of The Third Kind); likewise: ET is also powerless to save humanity from the US Military. Nor can these angels wipe away the evil one's deadly, carbon and uranium fingerprints (pollution) which is slowly murdering (killing) the entire, natural kingdom on this planet. Our Lord, Satan of Roseneft, Russia, MUST hide the truth about the existence of angels. His minions in hell (who stormed the US Capitol on January 6th) would not be following orders from "Stop the Steal" ™ headquarters, if only they realized that they were already dead, in hell. Like..duh…how can Satan threaten us if we are already dead? Whut he gonna do? Kill us and send us to Planet Heaven? ROTFL! The evil ones who are killing my homeworld are the only ones who need to be afraid of these angels- not the average, US Citizen. I think MOST people are GOOD, and most all of us do care about the environment, and about other, less fortunate people. For example: if the public knew that cancer was already cured, or that the cure was patented and suppressed by the very same people who keep asking us to donate to "find a cure"- their heads would fukkin' explode. There'd be more than a just million Moms marching on Capitol Hill, demanding that their child's cancer be cured (and that the crooked Congress persons and corporate CEO's responsible for causing these cancers, Monsanto, Exxon, Koch, etc.) be held accountable for their crimes against God and Nature (and against humanity, against We, The People). ET prolly wants us (global, human civilization) to: 1.) start taking better care of ourselves and our planet; i.e. the nation of Russia needs to accept Jesus Christ as their savior and stop being evil; 2.) stop polluting, stop building dirty nukes and the bombs that these dirty nukes are only good for producing; 3.) un-cock-block the various, patented cures for cancers and illness of all sorts, instead of being focused only on prevention and expensive treatments and vaccines; 4.) un-cock-block the thousands of patented, free/clean energy technologies that could end carbon combustion and make dirty nukes obsolete, once and for all time; thereby ending the cycles of greed, pollution, deforestation, and social/climate/civilizational collapse. Unfortunately- the last time we humans all got together on the same page to fight climate uncertainty (The Tower of Babel)- we were shot down, our communication systems got scrambled; and then our global civilization was scattered to the four corners of a newly flattened 'globe'. Even now, these evil forces of alien control are trying to start the next, world war, limit internet access, spread fear and hate on AM Radio and Fox Knews, etc. World peace and electric cars (an end to carbon combustion) seems to be the alien's greatest fear. Humans living and working on the moon or Mars would be like "an invasion" of "bugs" into THEIR house. These "angels" seem to feel that they alone should own any real estate in the "heavens" above. Sorry for the long post, UFO Jesus. I know that these speculations are not really adding anything new- just merely expounding on the bigger, ET picture that most all UFO enthusiasts are already aware of, especially those who saw the original, high-def video of the STS-75 tether incident (a smoking-gun video which shows a mile-wide ET swimming BEHIND the giant tether, which was 12 miles away from the Shuttle). There's still no clear picture of who or what ET really is, IMHO- mostly due to the fact that all of the hard evidence of UFOs typically falls into private hands, hidden from both the public, and from our best scientists (just like how they hide evidence of global warming). Thanks!

  13. It's such a relief to know that Congress is finally moving forward with Disclosure and not sweeping it under the rug and kicking the can down the road like they've always done previously

  14. Demanded, lol, that was always the case, still they are told nothing, ask these imbeciles who knew about the tictac incident before it was leaked and pumped by media. Ask how much they learned from the 180 day report, and still you celebrate. Nothing has changed that is crystal clear, nothing released, nothing told. Thats current status, as for the past infinity..

  15. They have to demand and beg, thats sound like an effective administration 🤣 you can not make this stuff up.

  16. Yes. But we ain't gonna ever see anything!! It's classified!! Bro you been in circles for 2 years now!! Listen to me, I have been into this for over 20 years!!! Your not going to get anything from the government…..how thick headed are you???

  17. I'm trying to help you!! I'm not against you, but it ain't ever gonna happen?? You haven't been here long enough!!! These are the same games the government has been playing on us for over 30 YEARS!!!! You're talking about NOTHING!!!!

  18. Have there been any dedicated attempts to directly COMMUNICATE with UFO/UAP by pilots, army, navy, airforce?! If not, why not? If so, what happened?

  19. LOL, so you went from, "ThErE Is SoMeThInG tO tHis PhEnOmEnA" to, "We HaVe AlIeN TeCh". It seems you excluded plasma or any other "aerial phenomena" ohne aliens.

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