Just before 6 a.m. on Sept. 4th, KLKN’s HD Towercam 8 gave Channel 8’s Morning Meteorologist Sean McMullen a less than normal view.

“I have never seen anything like this before. I even say that several times while I’m on air describing the object, because I want to let people know even I don’t know what this is, so I can’t exactly tell you what it is,” he says.

The triangular-shaped, flashing object appears to be floating above the Capital City.

By the time the sun comes up, we can’t see it anymore.

McMullen says it was visible for about 45 minutes. A Channel 8 viewer captured similar footage.

“It’s an unidentified object. We don’t know if it was flying, floating, what it is,” says Rich Webb, with the Mutual UFO Network.

Webb has been investigating UFO sightings for eight years. Both he and fellow UFO enthusiast Scott Colborn say our Towercam footage is curious.

They say another description of a triangular shaped object was seen that morning, a couple hours earlier, in Lee’s Summit, Mo., just outside Kansas City.

“I think it’s very interesting, I’m wondering if we can connect the two lines and maybe find out an approximate location of where this thing was,” says Colborn.

According to FAA officials, no suspicious activity was reported on Sept. 4th.

UNL Physics Professor Timothy Gay says the number of UFO sightings has gone down substantially in the past two decades.

Gay says he can guarantee the non-existence of extra terrestrials, and suspects the Towercam footage was a government aircraft of some sort, or perhaps an odd lens reflection.

But until we learn more, we’ll keep digging.

“If I’m going to have a UFO experience on air, then ya I’m going to take you with me,” says McMullen.

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  1. The most curious thing I heard is when the reporter says she spoke with a physics professor who said he could GUARANTEE that extraterrestrials do NOT exist!?!?

  2. This is why the Planet is like it is ,humans cant handle the truth,its more easier to bullshit,and say we are the centre of the universe,

  3. I can guarantee there is extraterrestrial life ! I have seen them (silver disc , orange light with particles jumping around it and others)/ The ancients didn't make up stories

  4. I'm sure it's probably "swamp gas" or maybe the weather man was taking a few puffs off of a "marijuana cigarette" just before he saw the "swamp gas". We all know that "swamp gas" and "Marijuana Cigirette's" are the reason that people see U.F.O.'s. Even Air Force Pilots, civilian pilots, police, doctors, bus drivers, burger flippers, congressmen, governor's of state's like say . . Arizona, . . . it's always gonna be on of those 2 explanations. Swamp gas or Marijuana cigerette's.

  5. I guarantee that there are no aliens in our ever expanding universe. I know this based on the fact that we have explored essentially none of it. Thank you!

    I have met Spock and I approve this message!

  6. the same folks that said that the craft floating down the LA coastline back in 1942 that our military unloaded 1400 rounds at was….a weather balloon…a weather balloon that after being fired upon for what…45 minutes by our most efficient weaponry…floated back out to sea…unfazed. that's one bad ass weather balloon. It later came doen in Roswell.

  7. HAH HAH!!! EXACTLY! We haver explored essentially NONE OF IT! So this egghead makes a widde seeping statement that he knows something that cannot be known. What a fool! Like your comment, spot on!

  8. I GUARANTEE THAT I KNOW EVERYTHING, ABOUT ALL AREAS OF THE UNIVERSE! BECAUSE I"VE BEEN EVERYWHERE THERE IS THAT CAN BE EXPLORED, AND THERE IS NOTHING LEFT FOR ME TO LEARN! My superior mind gives me insights to the great beynd that you mere mortals could never know. This, coupled with my Holy Spirit gift of skepticism, gaurantees that my personal conviction is the truth, and that's why you should all beleive me.

  9. And that, is simply how it is that I can GUARANTEE that there is no extra-terrestrial life anywhere in the entire universe. You better beleive me, because I'm a scientist, who went to college, and now I teach other young minds, from my great, inexhaustable wisdom.

  10. It was the star Sirius as seen through the distorting clear plastic housing around the TV camera which was set to an excessive zoom level. The dome screws up the image and distorts it into wild shapes, rather than the point shape of a star. Check on the original story and the follow-on story clearly shows that the object was indeed that star which rose at 4:13 a.m. and was only a little over 16 degrees above the southeastern horizon shortly before 6 a.m. No mystery here.

  11. Did she say "PROFESSOR" tim gay? Because if she did , then he should be stripped of his "PROFESSOR" status! What a F%$^ing  idiot. I hope he isn't teaching my children! 

  12. There is no life at all in the universe except on our planet. I know this for a fact. I have heard this from one of my reliable sources (the BORG collective of the first drone hive). Besides,Timothy Leary is dead! 

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