UFO Sighting Compilation Part-30 | Huge Tictac UFO Spotted in Daytime

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0:00 | Intro
0:11 | 1.Sighting Huge Tictac UFO Spotted in Daytime ( Over LA)
0:56 | 2.Sighting Daytime Tictac UFO Over Scotland
2:32 | 3.Sighting Fast ORB Over Australia
3:19 | 4.Sighting White ORB Over Sacramento California
4:35 | 5.Sighting Daytime Tictac UFO Over Dorset England
5:53 | 6.Sighting Shiny UFO Over Pittsburgh Pennsylvania US
6:21 | 7.Sighting Daytime UFO Filmed From Airplane (Hawaii)
6:53 | 8.Sighting UFO Fleet Over Hillsdale Michigan US
7:37 | 9.Sighting UFO Over Crawley West Sussex United Kingdom
8:42 | 10.Sighting Daytime Tictac UFO Over Princeton Indiana Us
9:48 | 11.Sighting UFO Fleet Over Budapest Hungary (Orange ORBs)
11:13 | 12.Sighting Moon UFO Sighting From Joshua Texas
12:23 | 13.Sighting UFOs Over Utica New York US
14:02 | 14.Sighting Orange ORBs Over Waianae Mountain Hawaii

Dylan McCoy
Amit Arya
Chris Hamall
James Streat
Nick Demongeot
Daniel Ramos
Shawn Bridges
William Clark
Frankie Bojorques
Laszlo Jr Orsos
Mateus Ferrera

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UFO Sighting Compilation Part-30 | Huge Tictac UFO Spotted in Daytime

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