UFO Sighting Daily On Fox News. Mars Rat Story.

Just had to save this video as proof that my UFO site was on Fox news yesterday and today. I was just reading the science section when I accidentally came across my own name. Very strange but cool. I love Fox and they bring us a lot of secrets that the Obama administration want kept secret. I admire that in a news site.

Scott C. Waring
UFO Sightings Daily


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  1. OK, that was a little bit on the prideful side wink, but I can also totally understand how it would feel to see your name in print. That's great that the website is being featured. I really disagree that FOXNews is fair and balanced (it is, in fact, conservative – and, in many cases, they report inaccurate, unverified information and correct those details later to match the truth), but neither are any of the other news services. It's almost as though you have to rely on radio broadcasts these days, which is very frustrating. I don't know if you heard about this, but BGR, a blog that initially started out covering nothing but tech topics and now covers a variety of issues from tech to health to science, had an article up today about the site and the Martian woman, but the link to the article went dead. I'm not sure what happened there. I subscribe to receive an email of the top articles that day, and that's how I heard of it. What's neat is that the website was mentioned in the brief synopsis found in the email. So, even though the link was dead, I still had the name of the website, and was able to go to Google to look it up. I then went directly to the site and spent about an hour looking around and enjoying the videos and photographs. I have a feeling that I'm not the only person out there who will have a curiosity like that, so there's a very good chance that even though the link is dead, the email synopsis might very well increase site traffic. Best wishes!

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