3 Comments on “UFO Sighting during live TV news broadcast alien craft caught on tape germany”

  1. German here, if someone is interested about the news in the background.
    Answer in advance: Report has nothing to do with the UFO.

    ## The reporter talks with a "Prof. Schläpfer"
    >> They are talking about some catastrophe and that people are mortal.
    […youtuber speaks…]
    >> The prof. is talking about something inescapable, which will probably increase the enjoyment of life and the energy for positive things in life.
    […youtuber speaks…]
    >> Humans will help the faith, the ascertainment that there is a life after dead
    […youtuber blablabla…]
    >> There are so much beautiful things on the planet, people just have to discover and accept it. You have to focus your energy to make the life great before you die.
    […Youtuber talking shit…]
    >> (The other reporter speaks) Well, the professor told it, people should live more optimistic, that will help anyone. And in this special case which can result in an armageddon/end of the world, we dont know it yet … (Reporter makes a german joke), then (Reporter wishes a merry christmas)
    >> End.

    That Youtuber does not talk german, it makes the interview hard to understand.

    ## Subtitles (have nothing to do with the UFO)
    (Subtitle #1: Den Haag sends two Patriot Squads with max. 360 Soldiers in the Turkey.
    Subtitle #2: Kosovo-Serbians announce other blockades again: Unhappy with the border-rules.)

    ## Conclusion
    Report has definietly nothing to do with any UFO's or something like that.
    It's the usual german tv-shit. Armageddon Stories and such. Nevermind^^

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