UFO Sighting News : Black Triangle UFO Spotted near Sun by UFO enthusiast 👽

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A creepy video was uploaded to YouTube recently in March 2021, in this video we can recognize what may be a black triangle UFO near the sun…

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29 Comments on “UFO Sighting News : Black Triangle UFO Spotted near Sun by UFO enthusiast 👽”

  1. Maybe there trying to dim the sun becouse of global warming maybe there trying to save us ,,,

  2. Maybe it's sun gods vessel ; definitely it gives an artificial impression. Doesn't look and behave like natural celestial body.

  3. What you're seeing is a rare enter atmosphere satellite most likely of Chinese or North Korean origin. It is translate with land as well as above orbital satellite it is a Stan between satellite that is extremely rare. This cannot be considered part of the Aurora project due to the fact of its stationary movements for such long periods of time it is powered by nuclear not fuel that is how it is able to obtain its altitude for such a long duration of time without having to land.

  4. A 1:48 "move every 3 months" ? C'est bien ça ?
    En tout cas si c'est bien un ovni il doit être gigantesque. Et il n'est pas en orbite. Puisque plus vous êtes proche du soleil plus votre orbite doit être rapide.
    Comme on peut le constater avec Mercure. Ca doit couter un max d'énergie de rester en stationnaire si proche du soleil.

  5. THIS BLACK TRIANGLE LOOKS JUST LIKE OUR USAF……… TR 3B anti gravity Alien Tech CRAFT ! KEY THIS UP IF YOU ARE INTERESTED , also Check Out CIA's Files Released From THE BLACK VAULT , Leading Up To DISCLOSURE NEXT MONTH !!! thanks for reading this , comments are more than Welcomed……………….dw

  6. Captain, looks really good. I made 2 observations on this "triangle ship".
    1) Looking carefully, I see that there is a kind of "transparent moving blob" around it .
    Could this be superimposed digitally on to the background ? OR are we actually looking at the famous magnetic aura or "forcefield" that these and other types of u.f.o.'s are said to posess in order for them to operate on a multi operational platform. In other words, with this special capacity, they are able to transition from land to space to oceans with relative ease and the least (if any) surface friction possible. This has been theorized many times in the ufo field and should be taken seriously whenever this specific trait of their technology is touched upon.

  7. i saw 👀😳in south korea strange light &🕳💬🧚🧟💇‍♀️🦇day &night sky ✨⏺⏺⏺〽️✳✴〰️⚪⚪⚪⚪🟤🟤🟨🟣🔵⚫⚫🟠🔵🟡🔻💠🔷️🔸️💠🔘it VERY FAST &SOME TIME SLOWLY MOVINING~~~

  8. et pourquoi pas ……ils sont capable de tout avec leurs technologies tres avançé merci

  9. There was one video where the UFO inserted some thing into the sun a few years back and was televised onTV !

  10. As for the ship with the sun in space, it can be a very, very large alien ship behind the sun, and compared to our field of view when it passes behind the sun, we believe it is. goes inside the sun.
    As for the other, nothing prevents them from standing still for the time they want.

    Pour ce qui est du vaisseau avec le soleil dans l'espace, ça peut–être un très très grand vaisseau extraterrestre derrière le soleil, et quand il passe derrière le soleil, par rapport à notre champ de vision, nous croyons qu'il va dans le soleil.
    Quand à l'autre rien ne l'empêche de faire du surplace durant le temps qu'ils désire.

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