UFO Sighting News: Cam catches UFO, dead cows! April 5, 2021, North Dakota.

Location: Williston, North Dakota, USA. Eyewitness states: Object was caught by motion detection on ptz camera mounted on top of structure out at remote unoccupied farmstead object moved from north to south – unclear how far away – next motion event was daylight, you can see the grain bins in background there were 2 dead cows found in a tree row less than a mile away – no obvious cause of death, covered in mud. No farms with cows around for 10 miles, no reported missing cows from nearby farms never seen anything like this out there on the cameras.


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  1. I don't usually get the creeps, but that one gave me the creeps. Weird! It seems odd to mention that there would be no cattle near there, that is obvious farm country. But in my experience cattle just don't turn up dead, especially someone else's cattle, which is what seems to have happened. That's double weird.

  2. Wtf is is going on? This is great evidence and the cow's are dead no farm for miles none missing were did they come from very bizarre just creepy

  3. Looks like you recorded your pong game……and that aint a dead cow….thats my first ex wife…..🗽

  4. The Aliens are just showing their work. If humans could benefit from what they create then unemployment would be a thing of the past.

  5. Maybe a probe or a shuttle craft of some kind since it seems very small. Idk, just guessing. I mean it's an alien craft so why would anyone think that it would look like anything we would expect to see or be able to recognize the function of? Super great footage, thank you so much for sharing! ☆

  6. The aliens are trying to slowdown “global warming” by reducing the number of farting cows.

  7. This is object is in the foreground because the background is out of focus. This is a small object maybe the size of a baseball. The high definition also means it's in the foreground close to the camera. This is a great incident.

  8. На игрушку юлу в воздухе похоже

    It looks like a toy yulu in the air

  9. not sure what to think about that one Scott but certainly was interesting. Keep them coming my friend and don't forget if you want to use any of my videos… just let me know as I am always happy to share with you.

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