UFO Sighting News : Dr. STEVEN GREER makes an Update on ongoing False Disclosure and the BIG LIE !👽

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Dr Steven Greer recently made a live broadcast on his own Youtube channel to react to the UFO Disclosure event that could be false disclosure and nothing more than a big lie, an important update based on recent discussions with attorney Daniel Sheehan, the Disclosure project lawyer, and Luis Elizondo…

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36 Comments on “UFO Sighting News : Dr. STEVEN GREER makes an Update on ongoing False Disclosure and the BIG LIE !👽”

  1. They are the fallen ones demon's we will kill and they are coming to eat and yes the gavetmint has them to they work with the falling one the demons the davils the davil made all of the out side nashions and all of you have to pay the black man is the most highs kids time all most up be on the right side

  2. No matter what any of the "experts" say they don't have my information or the information from other private civilians about these things. They didn't want it. They have repeatedly said so. So if they want to fight it out among themselves personally I don't really care. I have to pay my bills and they aren't helping me with that.

    My own opinion is I don't believe there is a "conspiracy" involving thousands of military personnel or other professionals (such as civilian airline pilots). There has been testimony for years and years before the more recent famous Navy pilot Tic Tac films.

    These conspiracy arguments have the same serious problem for me — they don't have EVIDENCE, PROOF, DOCUMENTATION that supports such a vast conspiracy. The ones talking about the "Reptilian/Illuminati" conspiracies suffer from the same serious lack of EVIDENCE, PROOF, DOCUMENTATION and in fact ignore that which exists. Such as the now documented DNA evidence that even John Doe and Jane Doe Average have the same "Illuminati/Royal European" ancestry. Does that make THEM all part of this same conspiracy "Reptilian Bloodline?" 😉

    I'm a genealogist and I collect documents as evidence as proof to create the foundation for building a substantial argument. And my own opinion is these craft are not OURS. And very valid scientific arguments have been posed to support that conclusion. Just saying one person is lying or there is a conspiracy does not explain or prove that they ARE OURS. They need to have more than hearsay.

    And like I said with me, personally, it doesn't matter anyway. I will say one thing about 'Disclosure." It will make it much more difficult for skeptics (such as Mental Health "professionals" at the V.A.) to use the argument that, "UFO's don't exist. So you could not have had experiences with them either as a child or as an adult and therefore we can only conclude that as proof that you are delusional and suffer from visual and audio hallucinations."

    I can now counter that argument that they would have to also conclude that a large number of military officers and government officials must also be "delusional" and are they willing to put that into writing? 😉

  3. 1:58 How could Dr. Greer react to UFO evidence released in June, 2021, when it is still May, 2021? Did he get advance notice of the "evidence"?

  4. Nice compilation
    Indeed Greer is warning all the time.
    Thanks and Greatings from
    The Netherlands.

  5. I think Greer is a con. I could explain why but it doesn't take a genius to see why. People pay this guy high sums of money to "summon" lights in the sky.

  6. this same old bunch of beings have been around almost forever. they own this place and enjoy their power over humans, they have joy in suffering. they create outcomes thru history thru war and disease. now they are concentrating on decimating humans with disease and killing VAX thru high up human proxies. this is their great purge. disclosure are you kidding.

  7. Swedish is my native language but/and I understand you to 100%. Please don't lose your French accent, it would such a shame.

    Merci de partager vos connaissances avec nous

  8. Dr Greer us a disinformation agent! He gives half truth mixed with lies. He oais to mislead any that bite his hook.

  9. Je comprends l'anglais mais ça serait top davoir des sous titre en français. C'est dommage car ton contenus est top.

  10. I wonder if Mr. Greer has an explanation as to how (and more importantly why) I had marks cut into my upper left thigh in 2005 while attending a UFO conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

    I certainly did not hold myself down and cut into my own upper left thigh. Therefore the one logical conclusion I can come to is SOMEBODY ELSE (and probably more than one person) did it.

    And they were in geometric shapes (circles cut in half horizontally), in a straight line, and in numbered sequences. Therefore I can also conclude that they were of some intelligent origin. Not physiological.

    There was dried blood WITHIN the lines of the marks not any smeared outside. My theory is that at the same time they were cut into my skin heat was also used to cauterize the cuts as they were made.

    I would say THAT incident is probably the one that pushes me into the area where I am no longer in a position to just DENY that I am involved in SOMETHING. Then when I put together everything else I can at least conjecture as to what that SOMETHING is.

    At the very least I think I am probably 85% correct when I state that it probably has something to do with military, with UFOs and with aliens and that it was something I was either born into or inducted into at a very young age and that it is somewhat still ongoing at the age of 60. But not nearly as intrusive as it was when I was in my 30s and 40s.

  11. They are trying to confuse us.
    1. It's not aliens
    2. They are called Jinn
    3. They are from earth
    4. They've infiltrated our governments world wide
    5. They've been here for millions of years
    6. It's remarked in bible and quran they been here
    7. They are shape shifters
    8. They can teleport and fly
    9. They walk around us looking human
    10. satan is also a jinn not an angel
    11. They run the government,so this is disinformation.
    12. The rapture event will be piggy backed by this alien hoax
    13. satan is a liar
    14. This is not a religious thing, it's a war.

  12. You guys are lost…..you saw something in the sky and then you lose sight of the bigger picture……. You are being purposefully confused.

  13. I think there is no disinformation. Luis and the mainstream media are not saying this is a security issue, they are not saying that aliens are a threat. They are only pointing out that the pentagon have acknowledged that the UAP are real and that don't know what they are. Nobody is scared because if aliens wanted to take the planet, they could easily do that, and would have done it already so there is no cause for worry. Greer is over reacting. The public are not worried, we don't care who made these ships. Contact would be nice but we know we are sitting ducks if aliens wanted to kill us.

  14. adsf They are showing you what is easy to build; you only need to have money and I can explain you how…

  15. Greer is jealous cuz now that disclosure is happening he doesn’t have a strong hold on his alien narrative for his business, which is a large one. Charges a boatload for people to watch military flares. His next choice is to find a narrative to keep people to listen to him. This is not to say he is a complete liar, it’s possible he believes his narrative, as do most humans who are able to rationalize their position for their convenience or to justify it.

  16. In my opinion mate I think they will tell us there is so many sittings this year and documents with videos realeazed from the navy last yea Di think there building up to something personally

  17. They aren't a threat ,,If they were a threat we would of had direct evidence by now ,,something ,,very funny how all of a sudden there a threat right before this big "disclosure",event . These power hungry, pieces of shit just can't say their wrong they're ways are antiquated and they just can't relinquish control cause they know they'd be left behind in humanity's evolution ,,can't teach an ol'dog new tricks a rite damn shame cause true contact I think will be glorious,,the single most important time in the history of mankind ,,bar non
    ,,they've been here all along

  18. Hello thank for your channel is very good. But I have just a question. Why de subtitle in french is not in french. Thank for your answer. Bijour du Dauphiné.😉

  19. This is Operation bleubeam/bleubook. Yes there are alien lives and yes there are spaceships. The real ones don't attack us . The Media brings fake news. The spaceships in the mainstream media are fake. The real spaceships do not attack us.

  20. I have followed Dr. Greer for years, and I know he has documentation to prove his claims for UFO's.I not only trust him, I approve of his stead fastness in the matter os UFO's. Richard B.

  21. Greer is the worst “ambassador” of the UAP topic. A loony egotistical maniac who disparages every other ufologist because they aren’t him.

    Go away!!

  22. Been watching some of those shows with elozando and the punk band guy and been hearing the word threat alot

  23. Dr. Greer may have a very large Ego, but he could be Right.
    Because if the Aliens would be hostile, they could have shut down this Planet hundrets of years ago.

  24. Greer has never brought forth any conclusive proof of anything. I’m not interested in his “documents” my 10 year old can forge papers too. But Greer does belittle every other person that is interested giving that shake of his head while saying gosh darn it they mean well they’re just dumb but look at this new document I found on my door left by an anonymous person last night. All cult leaders have to denounce all other cult leaders or it just gets crowded. Elizondo (who actually has had security clearances) is not saying these are aliens. I’ve never once heard him say that. He says let’s see what the investigation shows. I’ll stick with Lu

  25. Dr. Greer is Controlled Opposition. Ufo is the final card to force a One World Goverment. Research Bill Cooper Ufo False Flag.

  26. Oui oui. Les militaire ont des pouvoirs énormes dans cette histoire, et vous avez deja tout déjoué leurs plans et vous savez ce qu'ils trament. Il ne manque que Sorros dans l'histoire.

    En fait le fond de l'histoire étant : les militaires avouent enfin qu'ils y a quelque chose dans le ciel, pleins de gens ont observé ces phénomènes. Vois aviez récupéré ces témoignages a vos fins pour faire de l'argent. Du coup vois avez décrédibiliser ces rapport légitimes et rendu ces observation loufoques. Sauf que la vous perdez le porte voix, les médias embarquent. Il vous faut trouver un nouveau complot pour exister. Pourritures.

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