UFO Sighting News : Multiple People Reported Seeing A Mysterious Blue UFO In Hawaii 👽

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Residents of the Hawaiian island of Oahu were left baffled at the end of December 2020 as a mysterious blue object streaked across the evening sky at 8:30 PM before crashing into the ocean…

Link of the footage :

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16 Comments on “UFO Sighting News : Multiple People Reported Seeing A Mysterious Blue UFO In Hawaii 👽”

  1. 🙄🤔😷👀👁💥💬💬💥i sow many ufo color light ✨🌫🌬⚪⚪⚪⚪🔴〽️✳⚪small&big✨🎇🌌🌠🌟⭐move star

  2. Here in the UK — Watching this and thinking that in any circumstances I would have to say it's definitely odd at least… but what makes it even more so is that it's glowing blue… what makes things glow blue… apparently Argon glows pale blue so, in theory, Argon gas is involved here… as to why, not a clue… just riffin' but interested to hear thoughts!!

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