UFO Sighting News : New Evidence Of A UFO Crash Landing Site On Mars ? 👽

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ALIEN hunters believe they have found evidence of a UFO crash landing site on Mars, claiming the same alien ships have been found on Earth. And of course when we talk about UFO expert, we talk about Scott C Waring. In fact, he has been searching through archive images from NASA and believes he has uncovered some alien truths. The apparent bombshell comes in the form of a disk-shaped object with a flat surface, which can be seen partially buried in the Martian sand. Scott claims the disk is an alien craft…

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12 Comments on “UFO Sighting News : New Evidence Of A UFO Crash Landing Site On Mars ? 👽”

  1. The thing is the UFO could be the real deal, speaking from a spiritual and arcturian point of view there was a civilisation on mars before what is known as the cataclysm, I did a past life regression session and I had a past life on mars and witnessed the cataclysm and I can describe in detail what happened too. Star seeds are real and cities on mars are real.

  2. Knowledge is power … do you believe that those who control this world are interested in losing that power … N … A … S … a … is your instrument of disinformation, … With the quantity of ships that you show in your videos … you as a researcher have already come to the obvious conclusion that not only one or two races but perhaps thousands of races visit us on Earth, … and why not everything is honest this and it is done in an open way? … I think that, because the CONTROLLERS who own this world, would lose their power … imagine that some of these races gave us some technology that eliminates the need for oil, health or energy on which the economy is based, possibly money would no longer be needed … and many or all problems that make us codependent of this slave system, would no longer exist … conclusion, by obvious deduction I believe that there is not only life in Mars … with the technology they have, the aliens are possibly inhabiting all the planets of the system alone r … and I doubt that the CONTROLLERS will ever allow total declassification or open contact, all this will always be done by the drop of a hat, to make those who have realized this see they are insane and conspiratorial … maybe if the whole world revealed itself … but that is almost impossible, but look at how easily, the owners of this world have managed to implant fear in the brain of 99.9 percent, through the lie of the COVid … with their sophisticated mind control apparatus

  3. Q,, how did we get past the Van Allen Belt ? Agreed NASA is Disinfo , What abt Trump's Space Force ? I've seen the Triangle Craft in Afgh

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