UFO Sighting News : US Fighter Jets Scrambled As 'Real UFO Disk' Appears Over California 👽

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UFO truthers were in a frenzy after Tik Tok footage has emerged in October 2020 purporting to show US Air Force jets intercepting a “real” UFO over California…

Link of the videos : https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1345286/ufo-sighting-us-fighter-jets-scrambled-aliens-ufo-california-tik-tok

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20 Comments on “UFO Sighting News : US Fighter Jets Scrambled As 'Real UFO Disk' Appears Over California 👽”

  1. Merci j'aime cette chaîne et ces vidéos !
    L'anglais je ne comprends pas , Domage !
    Heureusement il y a les illustrations

  2. Do you have moving footage of our jets chasing that alien ship? I saw a video in 2017 of 5 Mexican jets chasing 2 of those black ball alien things,; but they never caught them though. It was like they were teasing the Jets just straying ahead of them.

  3. Well done, for the work and for wanting people to open their eyes, but it will be difficult, because the whole story of (0) year must be rewritten, 2020. lies, how do you think people will see and learn the truth that they were created by extraterrestrial civilizations, there is no way, no one will allow, to know the truth, respect from the old BG.

  4. My friends and i have seen them in person back in 1971, 2 of them about 6 inches to 8 inches tall. i was about 8 yrs – 9 yrs old, we tried to get close to them, that got scared and shot with a laser. One of my friend got hit, I hide behind a rock, they lazer the rock and flew away with their flying saucer. It came out in the Malaysian news , I just recovered last year when I told this story to my son. He checks the net about the news. Yes, there are UFO.

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