UFO Sighting News : USAF Built Black Triangle UFOs Using Alien Artifacts 👽

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In the last video we talked about UFOs in UK and the MoD, but among all these UFOs or UAPs reported during so many years, some were Black Triangle UFOs. But these mysterious aircrafts were not only seen in England, they have been seen around the world. Some believe that they were built in secret by USAF using reverse-engineered technology. Is this really true ?

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21 Comments on “UFO Sighting News : USAF Built Black Triangle UFOs Using Alien Artifacts 👽”

  1. Toujours en anglais , jamais de sous titres en français… merci 👏👏👏je me désabonne

  2. Certains vaisseaux triangulaires sont d'origine américaine sous influence technologique des Gris et les vaisseaux de la vague Belge, jusqu'à aujourd''hui sont des alliés des Gris.

  3. If the handglider is flown at night with lights on all three sides, it will look like a TR3B. I'm kidding, don't mind.

  4. SECTION 51 2.0 (DOZ GEEK) : I really enjoyed this "Black Triangle UFO'S" video very much ! and aside from being a subscriber to Section 51 and absolutely fascinated with the TR-3B Black Manta, I have also created a seies of artwork pieces dedicated exclusively to this magnificent machine ! Is there any way that I may contact you to show you my TR-3B artwork and share it with your audience? I can supply you with my direct links or send you my direct jpeg files of them. I have illustrated about 6 to date and am planning more. If the rumors are true and they are man-made, I still think that they are "out of this world" ! And therefore, are still worthy of our full attention.

  5. Bootsie Galbraith confirmed the truth of this story to me. Her husband was American Ambassador to NATO.

  6. The craft I witnessed was more of a Manta Ray shape. The craft had starlike light at the front and made no sound until directly overhead could feel and hear humming resonating. The skin of craft was dark except for two illuminated stripes, one on each side lit up. The skin of craft could light up as any color, pattern or lumens of brightness.

  7. Happy to see brothers in Europe are interested in this subject and genuinely inquisitive.

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