48 Comments on “UFO sighting on Chinese news – July, 2009”

  1. @sophiemurs Nope, languages are not inherently difficult. In fact I hear Mandarin is not particularly hard even for foreigners when it comes to learning to express yourself. You can spend a lifetime on the characters though.

  2. Mandarin is a much, much easier language to learn than English for non-native speakers. English has more rules and more exceptions to the rules, more complex grammar, its actually kind of a mess if you didnt grow up speaking it. Even many people that did have poor english skills.

  3. the funny thing is if she was american or english then you d all commented on the ufos part and not how she speaks but becouse the video is from china and she speaks her LANGUAGE IN HER COUNTRY its cool to make fun of her and chinese people OH YES BECOUSE I FORGOT AMERICA ONLY EXIST IN THE PLANET EARTH or maybe we should call planet earth PLANET USA??
    and yes english is popular and ev understands it but trust me the american accent can be annoyin too time to time.
    cool video though

  4. @MentosMan727 It is a part of China. China allows Taiwan to have its own government so that a Civil War can be avoided.

  5. A video of UFO can ignited this much racist comments, maybe dat's why the aliens changed their mind 'bout landing here…

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