UFO Sighting Reported by Hundreds of Witnesses | In Search Of (Season 2) | History

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On Junuary 8, 2008, hundreds of residents claimed to have seen UFOs in the sky over Stephenville, Texas in this clip from Season 2, “UFOs”. #InSearchOf
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36 Comments on “UFO Sighting Reported by Hundreds of Witnesses | In Search Of (Season 2) | History”

  1. I'm a black man. And I saw a UFO a few years ago for the first time 2016 to be exact. But once you see them once it's like they know you saw them and you see them more frequently. It's crazy and I will take a lie detector test.

  2. This is my UFO sighting:
    Dallas Texas, October 1971
    My sister, myself and 3 of our cousins was returning from a visit to the local 7-11.
    We were walking along a dirt road heading home just after dark when we heard the
    blast of a trains horn in the distance. Then suddenly, a light came on behind the trees
    to our left. We stopped and looked with great curiosity because the train was further down the tracks
    and it's lights weren't visible yet. We heard another blast from the train's horn, when this light starting
    to inch upward making a weird whirring sound. We watched with great anticipation for the light
    to clear the trees. As it arose higher and higher, the whirring sound would increase.
    Then, no more than 50 feet away from us, arose a huge, luminescent light with red and blue lights
    around the center. Circling within the band of red and blue lights was a lump and it was creating the
    whirring sound. The faster the lump circled within the band of lights, the higher the pitch of the whirring!
    We watched in stunned silence and horror for a few seconds, then looked at each other, then hightailed it home!
    When we reached the porch of the house, I turned back to see it hover in the sky about 1000 feet up.
    It was brightly lit and the lump moving at a high rate of speed around it! We went inside to tell my other siblings and cousins, buy they thought we were pranking them and never went out to see it.
    What's really strange about this encounter, is that I am the only one that remembers it! My sister and my cousins
    who were with me, have no recollection of it!

  3. They are saying it's imaginary but it is true no plane can fly that fast and manuvere in soundless stuff.

  4. What about the Phoenix lights. there was a thousands of eyewitnesses so I don't know why this introduction is lying already.

  5. but no 1 got a picture theres never been a picture yet of a ufo only car hubcaps and dinner plates thrown in the air if there were ufos scooting about all around the world every one in the world has a phone to take picture even in africa

  6. On my 3rd deployment in Afghanistan yrs ago. We observed several crafts that literally were unexplainable in flight an what power source they were using. On several occasions we were given orders to engage if certain incidents occurred. Well, there intentions to destroy targets directly violated ROEs. A10s were flown in as were F16E which were unsuccessful to bring several objects that were under observation.

    Our unit was given a go to use our Javelins an the same results occurred. We had later received intel that 2 clicks from our position there was a creature, that appeared to be approximately have the size of the mountains to aft of our hide. We watched as CAS were called in an conducted by SF teams calling in air strikes an engaged. It was a incident none of us were prepared to believe yet acknowledge what we observed. At our mission briefs review by team daddy, we were told to rewrite our account of interactions an replaced by Taliban engagements. We all know what we saw, along with the strikes upon this specific incident. That was 10 some years ago.

  7. Yup sure seems to me that out of trillions upon trillions of galaxies, and equally more planets. It would be quite arrogant to think we're just it. NO WAY.

  8. Back in 2007 in Fredericksburg Texas my friend and i watched a phenomenon of 2 lights shooting across the sky intitaily we were watching on our own. An hour in we finally asked each other yours seeing it to it was the most unexplained events in my my life!

  9. US is the most active UFO sightings country in the world , funny thing is more people ridicule about it rather than curious, wanting to know more!!

  10. So this was probibly a sighting of a test flight of a new type of airplane or something. That's why they didn't say anything.

  11. The Problem with MUFON is that they investigate BS way too often. Just because people see test flights they don't understand they think its aliens and because of this it's one of our best cover stories to this day!

  12. A subdivision of the air force working in private industry has new technology for engine design. It's next gen and it's not a combustion engine.

  13. much like the blackbird in the late 60's, we have a few decades more before we reveal this to everyone. In the meantime this subdivision will continue to let people think it is not from this world, because current public world military tech has nothing like this.

  14. 4:40 Yea, The UFOS have been here, they are all around us until you identify them. then they are just aircraft. Though "air"craft is somewhat misleading.

  15. UFO's are important. Too see flying saucers at close range eye level is worse then you can imagine. You'll learn instantly their technology is off the human chart. When you have a year around garden, you don't invade it, just take what you need such as human body parts. Good luck sheep people.

  16. In 2015, I, along with a neighbor witness three UFO'S hovering above above. After two minutes the spacecrafts shot upwards and disappeared into the night sky.

  17. I cannot say one thing that has been proved 100% as fact yet people demand proof that UFO are ETs that came to Earth from elsewhere !
    There is enough evidence to convince any sane person the UFOs are ET craft !
    I have over 18 UFO documentaries and many books and over 100 UFO landings that have left evidence on the ground that has been lab tested and it took me time to accept the fact we are not the top species in town !
    Once you begin reading the books on UFO encounters you realize how much has been kept away from the public as the media has been controlled by the govt National security act laws !

    There was a UFO above a New York street as the greys were abducting a woman in a 10th floor apartment window using a bridge of light extending out too the window from the saucer and the greys just floated along the bridge with the woman horizonal and asleep !
    The event stopped traffic and a UN Ambassador was a witness with his two body guards !

    The numbers of UFO witnessed at drive in Theaters years ago is beyond belief and i have not finished reading them all yet lol !
    Now it appears underwater USOs are the same as UFOs and the laws of physics we have to deal with the UFOs do not have that problem as no sonic booms or engines or wings are needed !
    The govt. would develope this technology before telling the public so the coverup is a big time thing for them !
    We are not alone !

  18. The single largest UFO sighting?
    Phoenix Arizona 1997 10k witnesses.
    Florence stadium 1954 5k witnesses
    Westall School Australia 1966 300 witnesses

  19. A possible reason the AF didn't want to release the radar data is that it would've shown the transponder readings for the craft meaning they were military assets.

  20. You can only genuinely believe anything to do with "UFO" If your American….even Australians find that weird.

  21. Here's my opinion of "lights in the sky." Of course, I have no real business describing any technology that might be involved; still, I don't think it's outrageous to believe that hyper-advanced aliens in flying machines COULD fly them without lights, or without making "light." If there is light it would be, therefore, that the aliens WANTED to be seen. But…since they're not making "contact" in any outright and obvious way, I assume that "lights in the sky" are not flying machines from another world.

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