UFO Sighting Sat 8th Sept, 8PM – What Do You Think This Is


UFO Sighting Sat 8th Sept, 8PM at http://www.haventimber.co.uk – What Do You Think This Is

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24 Comments on “UFO Sighting Sat 8th Sept, 8PM – What Do You Think This Is”

  1. So let’s remain skeptical here…
    Achem’s razor and all that….
    I reckon if this isn’t a ufo, it’s like you said, probably fireworks attached to two drones.

  2. It's called a chase ignition. So in the military to test heat guided munitions, they will use non lethal warheads to chase heat driven dummy flares and drones. So if you are in a large cargo plane carrying military equipment or people and an enemy fighter spots you, and you don't have any weapons on the cargo plane, you will deploy a dummy chaser for the warhead, missile or SAM (surface to air Missile) to chase. This is basically a giant flare that heats up to a hotter temperature than the planes engine exhaust in seconds pulling the enemy's weapon away from your plane and on to the dummy heat source. These are super common but becoming less so with new GPS and digitally guided weapons becoming cheaper and cheaper. But these types of defense tools are still used by many western militaries all over Europe & America. These chasers can fly for quite some time to give a plane the ability to get away, it also will make the original missile or heat guided weapon fly erratically. It sure looks like an other worldly thing in the sky, but I can assure you it's just a test. Also some passenger planes that fly over enemy territory use these in case of an emergency after 9-11-2001. These are probably a new version of the same old tech. We use to see this all the time in the sky over Wright Patterson Air Force base in Ohio. We lived in Enon Ohio near the base and we had 3 officers who were neighbors so anything strange in the sky they would give us the low down on what it was. Wait until you see one of them actually make contact with a LIVE munition. It looks like a star exploded. Also it rains so much in Britain I just wonder how many times these tests have happened and no one noticed because of cloudiness or rain. It looks really cool I'll give you that but it isn't a UFO it's just 1960s. Cold War tech at it's finest. It's not practical to use a 100,000 dollar munition as a test so they will use a conventional munition like fireworks to simulate the actual explosion or contact. Also one chaser can house as many as 50 or more bursts of heat which are deployed to confuse the heat guised munition. It's like when your dog chases a flash light that you shine on the wall. It's the same tech used in Israel's Iron Dome Technology that will shoot down basic rockets fired within the Israeli airspace.

  3. I seen the very same things today, which is why I'm here now…seeing if I can find something similar…I've got video also

  4. I saw one in Dublin 21 years ago, followed our family from Dublin to Kilkeel 2hrs away, kept flying from the right to the front of our car, would zoom in on us and zoom back out before moving to the right of our car. It repeated this at 2am in the morning for about 2 hrs.

    The speed it moved from the right to in front of us and zooming in was faster than any aircraft I can think of.

  5. This was confirmed just an airshow. There's another video from that day showing these exact maneuvers.

  6. It's AeroSPARX. Google it. Aliens are not going to travel light years to Earth to put on an aerial acrobatic show for us.

  7. 100% Twister duo Aerobatics it's all over YouTube no UFOs sorry although I believe in them but not this time.

  8. It's clearly fireworks. It only looks like they "stop moving" because they turn towards or away from you, they are so far away that their size doesn't change. Why would they only go left and right relative to you and not backwards/fordwards ? You forgot that space is 3 dimensionsal because you wanted it to be something special.

  9. Must be something, probably.

    God testing some kind of special effects?

  10. Interesting that this footage was taken in Wiltshire, where the crop circles appear. 🛸 💕

  11. Search on youtube for "Night Aerobatics and Fireworks – Ghostwriter Airshows – Battle Creek Airshow 2019" and you'll see exactly what this is.

  12. My son and I saw this from our home in Box, Wiltshire. It appeared to be north of us near to Colerne, west of Chippenham.

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