UFO Sightings Anunnaki Winged God? Incredible Evidence Whistle Blower Explains 2013

Bob Evans UFO Investigator into SOHO Images that could be the Anunnaki Winged God! Thirdphaseofmoon Exclusive Interview! Quote By Bob Evans”Please compare the above ancient Sumerian wall carving of their Anunnaki Winged God to the image above it … in this image you can clearly see the God Figure in the center, with a nice Harness holding him to a large set of Birds Wings … the Birds Wings have landing gear, shown as a long pole, with round wheels attached at the bottom … the Birds Wings look so damn close to the white ship in the image above the carving”

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40 Comments on “UFO Sightings Anunnaki Winged God? Incredible Evidence Whistle Blower Explains 2013”

  1. Act2:19 And I will show wonders(FLEETs) in the heaven above(SKY), And signs on the earth beneath(CROP CIRCLES);Mat24:24 and shall show great signs(UFOs) and WONDERS ; Luk21:11 and there shall be terrors and great signs(UFOs) from heaven(SKY)25 And there shall be SIGNS in sun and moon and stars;Jer10:2 saith Jehovah, be not dismayed at the SIGNS of heaven(SKY);Isaiah 66:15 For, behold, Jehovah will come with fire, and his CHARIOT(UFO) shall be like the whirlwind;

  2. Amazing. These are some objects, shapes in space and they are huge, like thousands of kilometers maybe.

  3. There is no way for a skeptical public to have an insight into anything. The government does not aid in questions asked by the public. Everyone turns a blind eye when a question is asked. All unverified questions are disregarded as non existent. Answers are talking points to calm the publics frustrations and lack of understanding. They know more than you. You are not a factor in classified information.

  4. The high ppl like obama jay z etc are in illuminatie. A structure of power from the annunaki. The worldleaders are in the allseeing eye at the top of the pyramide. They know about annunaki they have comunicated/seen them. Every 2500years annunaki comes planethop from niberu to cause mischief on earth. They might stop doing it cuz the advanced technology we have now so fast. We advanced from homo sapiens to human way to fast then allowd we are geneticly created by the 8ft tall akkunani. Not gods there is only one god! Akkunani are humoids like us taller stronger and smarter. The have been on eart at mayas egyptians and rome etc.. pyramides and sfinx and stonehence made by them as structures to communicate and mark earth so they can see the marked spot from close at space. They came for gold thats why we became greedy for gold. The pyramides they used to store the gold and take it to niberu their planet. They been on mars for gold aswell they had structures there aswell. Their planet works on gold to create energy from the core of their planet in their ocean. If u dont believe it ok but thats because humans put other things to mind nowadays everyone living his life not knowing about what was here or may come. There are 7planets with life "close" 2of them vanished and 5 still there. Earth and niberu are 2 of those 5. Remember anubis with the dogface? Annunaki with dogmask thats what they used to hide facialexpressions to us and to look scary.. also dragonkind creatures are real. They have been here before but the annunaki protected us (us their slaves) back then..

  5. I wanted to take this video serious for a second. Then I went to the SOHO website and looked up the image information myself. We must always do our own research and sadly, there are misinformed people pawning bad science practices. This is the exact link to the picture in question directly from SOHO.http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov//data/REPROCESSING/Completed/2005/eit304/20051111/20051111_0719_eit304_512.jpg

    There is no Sun Flare in the official websites photo at the same time and date I looked up in the archive. 

    I like UFO's and the study of them and when people like this take a cool subject and put crap out there it really does a disservice to the whole serious study of UFO's.

  6. People wake up…… stop living in the dark, Aliens are Real and US Government is hiding it from us for their benefit….. these images are incredible and are proofing that advanced alien Races exist throughout the universe….we can just hope we don't get involved in these star wars…

  7. The Sumerians are the owners of the largest ships. Zach had it almost right. They are tall blondes large blue eyes. They are the watchers. That craft shown first is 2.2 millions miles in size. There are ones the size of a stadium that enter our atmosphere rarely. Once you go under a cleansing you enter a room that you would think was Ancient Egypt perfect sand and Pillars of throne -stay healthy you will get details one day. They can capture a jet with its afterburners on. Friendly they are.

  8. Thanks guys!!! That last pic look jst like that statue or carving you showed at the beginning. .the winged one. Awesome vids. Thanks again

  9. Thanks guys!!! That last pic look jst like that statue or carving you showed at the beginning. .the winged one. Awesome vids. Thanks again

  10. That's what happens when people don't stare at the sky 24/7. And that's what happens when someone just doesn't wanna be seen. Trust and believe the government had close encounters for over 50 years now. But we'd never know anything of it because all they do is cover up and lie. So there's your answer.

  11. Nope I believe the majority are telling the truth. The thing that pisses me off is how our government lies about the situation and knows everything about it. Lol that's why I hate the usa. Most corrupt people on the planet.

  12. This is good but do you know That UFOs are in the bible. There  In Genesis witch talks about the firmament of Heaven The firmament is in outer space. There are three heavens The first heven just above the earth atmosphere the second heven is in all of outer space.  And the third heven is  at the end of the know universe The waters are the eather and  the dark mater in space  And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl [that] may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven." ( And fowl was not in the original hebrew )
    (Gen 1:20 KJV) The moving creature that hath life, Is the UFOS

  13. i know all this stuff about this ancient forgotten god but…i cant remember what his name is…DAFUQ?

  14. no more space movies or shows for this guy he see angelic warfare and its not good for us because the bad guys will loose  and be cast off here to earth

  15. Who the hell is this guy that they put on here ? Every question I ask and give some sort of vague answer back just like any of us would! Every single answered he has is something that I would say ! If you are going to bring somebody on the show bring somebody that might shed some light on the subject! I don't get upset about this stuff or talk shit but this is definitely pissing me off! could have just easily shown us the video and pictures and the host of the show could have just said the same stuff!

  16. To reference just about every heavily distorted image captured of an anomalous object far off in the cosmos in comparison to what we don`t know about our own earthly ancient mythological carvings,sculptures and hieroglyphs only further proves the lack of the use of 'common logic'.In essence by keeping our eyes on the skies as we`re frequently reminded,as soon as 'ooh we see something',our minds and eyes return to the ground seeking a nonsensical confirmation of what we view in the cosmic realm 'must' be related to what our eyes know on earth. ie 'SHAPO'! We havent grown since sitting on the lounge room floor at 3 putting each shape in the corresponding hole….A good tip.Think more along the lines of 'EMV`s'!!Sometime we all will know & the reality of precious life plundered seeking knowledge of what lies beyond our primitive capabilities shall sink us into despair of what a bad dream this earthly moment of eternity was bestowed,blindly governed by the unaccountable unseen.The all seeing eye has the masses trapped in propaganda,fear & illusion of the devil of illuminati when in fact it shall be his biggest trickery for the all seeing eye within the wonder of the pyramid stares at us all showing we must OPEN and SEE the third realm…..WAKE UP!!!Bad dream MUST END ;)))

  17. I was eating whilst watching this and Robert nearly made me choke…Roberts don't do any more..

  18. Holy shit I can't believe I just heard that. Annunaki starship? OK sure why not? Not much different than the zombie sacrificial Jesus stories I guess. But these photos don't prove shit

  19. Best part is the greyhaired fool comparing anything directly to Star Trek. I mean srsly, wtf is this guy smoking lol

  20. Absolute stupidity if there was an advanced race that wanted to enslave us thousands of years ago we wouldn't stand a chance against them and if they are watching us and grooming us as a slave race do you think we'd be doing what we are doing right now they wouldn't let us advance our technologies so we are capable to defend ourselves against them or wiping ourselves out completely meaning they wasted there time making us and watched us do what we wanted to do if there is a higher power or advanced being its watching by letting us make our own desicions simple God and only God does that and what's up with this space invader 1980s looking pics

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