UFO Sightings Best of 2011 Flying Saucers Caught on Tape

http://massiveufosightingshawaii.blogspot.com/ Amazing UFO video from Waipio Valley Stunned residents and tourist report Large UFOs Flying Saucers you watch it and tell us what you think it is! THIRDPHASEOFMOON

Go to original youtube video here UCuBPlZTF6TGO0g58QgcgsxA

43 Comments on “UFO Sightings Best of 2011 Flying Saucers Caught on Tape”

  1. Hope so! You couldn't imagine them letting someone with a basic comprehensive school education fly a ufo on such a risky mission. I think a good grounding in English grammer would be an essential Prerequisite .

  2. I had just the basic comprehensive school education and never paid a lot attention to things like grAmmAr, bored me to death to be honest with you. It worried me back then that I might grow up to be a sad twat that spent his life correcting people on youtube for spelling incorrectly. All the best Shakespear.xx

  3. Of course it's fake. This is a great video, deserves its half-million or more views, because it's super entertaining, it's just plain funny.
    You UFO fanatics really need a sense of humor. And your religious devotion is totally misplaced. Assuming these aliens turn out to be real, then whoever they are, whatever planet they're from, they are more than likely just as confused as we are. Sorry, but that's how it goes. Meeting new people won't solve your problems, even if they have egg-shaped heads.

  4. The Footage is hard to tell if Fake or Not This is Very Interesting Footage! Thanks for your comment!

  5. It IS very interesting footage, I agree. Because it's hilarious. Anybody from planet earth can see that these guys are just having fun, you can hear it in the tone of their voices. In fact, I think I can your own voice in there, Blake…lol

  6. You ever lived on the Big Island? Well I do! ..myself and almost everyone I know here sees this shit constantly in person… and it's most likely not Aliens, but the military who ha a testing area at the base of Mauna Kea.

  7. I live on the Big Island.. there is a Military Testing Facility a few miles from where this was filmed and they have some CRAZY technology! All of us have seen shit like this many many times.. especially up north where this was shot.

  8. It is a kite. I built one in lementary school. You can see another in the background that's stationary. Apparently one broke free and traveled in the air current. I'll build you one that big for a hundred bucks..Or you can make one for yourself for 1.75 cents.

  9. Who are you to tell others what they should and should not need? Sounds like you need to either a) respect others beliefs or b) get off the internet because obviously no one is going to listen to your one minded opinion of them.

  10. Was just a suggestion. You should believe whatever you think is true regardless of what I or anyone else says.

  11. Sorry then, must have misunderstood your comment thinking you were telling others what do to when it was really you stating your opinion.

  12. EVEN a silly-assed alien wouldn't desire to transverse the universe, or the bloody Waipio Valley spinning about incessantly…you'd 'ave that toy filled with puke in no time…OR poop!

  13. Fake, but why? anybody gives a good reason. Please stop playing Star Craft II and watch the sky a little, maybe can see something that change your mind. I saw, two times in my life.
    And yes, there are two UFO's in the footage.

  14. Everyone needs to listen to nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, trust me you won't be disappointed, you will be very much informed. Just listen to his lectures and look at the data he has presented. He is respected amongst many credible physicists in the scientific community

  15. Whenever I click a video and see that you're the one who posted it, I instantly give it a thumbs down without even watching because I know everything you post is deceptive, misleading, contrived hogwash.

  16. at the end of the video where is shows that video with the pink sky ya that is the same ufo i just saw idk if it was but looks the same what i saw im for real

  17. Very interesting Looks like a drone in a way but no one knows my thinking is its quite capable of being real btw if your reading this hi

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