UFO Sightings Cigar Shaped UFO Captured Over Napa Just After Earthquake! 2014

UFO Sightings Cigar Shaped UFO Captured Over Napa Just After Earthquake! 2014 Video Interview Recorded On 8/24/2014 Via Skype With Alex Christinson While With Friends In The Napa CA Area Captures A Mysterious Object! Could This Be A Blimp,Balloon,Drone, You Decide!

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34 Comments on “UFO Sightings Cigar Shaped UFO Captured Over Napa Just After Earthquake! 2014”

  1. This is so fake. I live in Napa and right in downtown Napa. We were outside all day and didn't see any UFO. No other locals I've asked saw it or even heard about it. Napa is a small town and this kind of incident would spread like wildfire. The only odd phenomenon after the quake was the Earthquake Lights. This is a total hoax.

  2. the only thing that makes me a non believer of this video is the fact he says he is shooting the screen of his computer why couldnt he just send the original footage to the interview or why has the original not been posted somewhere and how come its only some small youtube add ? and last of all who knows what this could be for all we no could be a movie this guy is shooting on his screen how do we even no this is napa there is no background to even look at

  3. there is not even a dam thing to scale this against for all you no someone threw a shoe while he was zoomed in shooting the sky LOL

  4. I work for a co based in Napa and have heard quite a few locals mention rumors of a secretive military base in the mountain ranges around the valley. The mountains are quite secluded and Travis AFB is not far, so would make sense. I know someone in Air Force Spec Ops who won't say anything about his job except "we have things you wouldn't believe." There is no doubt in my mind that this is US military technology… or photoshop/cgi 😛

  5. Deffo fake why did he film it on his monitor…. Best guess it was bad cgi and he needed to pass it as grainy. This is safely fake.

  6. UFO right after Napa earthquake? That's nuts! It was like still night time when the earthquake was just over.

  7. I call cousin Julya Moats an told her about the cigar ship in her Area an she went threw the earthquake with getting hurt an she ask me have I called my other cousin Wyatt he had a UFO in Houston Texas so I called him an he told me he see them all the time there In Texas.

  8. 4 seconds of shitty CGI looped at various speeds with spooky noise "music"… and a little bit of lies.

  9. I live 4 miles away from napa. I was in Fairfeild in Travis AFB. The magnetude was 5.1 were i was. 3:00 in the morning!!!! COME ON!!!!

  10. lol this shit is fake as fuck i live in napa you guys are just trying to get view its sad how far ppl go to ger views on youtube a yr later and this shit is no joke you guys are assholes for doing this

  11. i've seen this type long ago… & the latest was last week where my friend & some of his colleagues was in the interior of north borneo. didn't managed to get a footage. he said it was jaw dropping situation

  12. I am posting a video right now  that shouts thirdphaseofmoon and recreates , with a model replica, what I saw in 2014, November. While filming, I get a revisit. Amazing. SHOUTS TO YOU include this link TPOM

  13. I was born in Vallejo. We lived in American Canyon, I went to Donaldson Way grade school. When I was 7 years of age a craft flew very slowly above me with no sound. It had a red and white bottom similar to a coast guard color, but it was changing almost magic like. I remember this day clearly. It was a very cold mid winter morning and I was awake outside to feed and water my homing pigeons(they were marvelous tumblers too-my father killed every single one by ringing their necks in front of me because my extremely obese mother disliked their coo sounds) before school. So this was around 7am. The grass blades of the lawn were frosted over in a cartoon like white. Silver coloring streaked my backyard as frost and fog dominated the bay. I was squirting water out of the garden hose into an old school desk with no top; we used this for the pigeons watering source and bath. The water slowed down coming out of the hose, like time was slowing down. With no sound or noise heard a voice like thought called to me from above so I looked up. The only sound that this craft made was the sound of it cutting through the air. How could this be when it was only moving 5 mph and slowed to 2 mph once directly over me? It did not stop, but continued flying at an elevation of 50 feet-very close, it was more like 30 feet to be honest, this jackass was almost hunting me like an animal and using the thick viscosity fog clouds as camo. I miss the bay, I wish we never moved. I wish that I didn't do 5-years in a Nevada State Prison for a crime I didn't commit(theft-I hate thieves, let me catch one), I WISH THAT THE TRUTH WASN'T STRANGER THAN FICTION. I wish that I didn't have this scary feeling in the bottom of my stomach that started 25 some odd years ago. We all die someday. AND TO ALL YOU MAGGOTS MFKRS WHO BULLIED ME IN SCHOOL-EAT A BOWL OF DICKS YOU HEARTLESS TWATS! You know what we do to bullies in prison, we make examples out of them. Sad to say it-True Story.

  14. Mannnn I was in 3rd grade when this earthquake happened I thought I was dreaming at first but I was scared so I was crying but I was Also happy there was no school 😕some thing I’ll never forget

  15. This is a hot wheel (looks like a broken dragster without the wheels) swinging from fishing line. He never zooms out to give a perception of the actual size. Yet the perspective of the person who shot the footage is nearly above it, or at least perpendicular with it then he gets below it when he claimed it was the size of a football field? If he was that high up you would see the valley floor of Napa below it and the shadow and size would make this obvious.
    Sorry folks. This video is a short loop of a dangling hot wheel with just the right swing, lighting and reflection. Total hoax but damn inventive idea!

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