UFO Sightings Huge Mother Ship Cloaked As A Star? Incredible Evidence Dec 8 2013

UFO Sightings Huge Mother Ship Cloaked As A Star? Incredible Evidence Dec 8 2013 Incredible Call into Thirdphaseofmoon Radio Via Vince Pounds Captures Shocking Photos of What He Claims is a Mother ship Of L.A. Cloaked as A Star!

Oklahoma Moore Edmonton Video Permission granted to Thirdphaseofmoon by Mr. Anderson. Visit original link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5parSVsrTZM

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37 Comments on “UFO Sightings Huge Mother Ship Cloaked As A Star? Incredible Evidence Dec 8 2013”

  1. These UFO's are simply tour spaceships for their people.  They are showing how we live here and how we kill each other and live with greed.   They point out how we eat animals visit zoos and create wars.   This is exactly what we do to animals and apes.  

  2. My husband and I noticed a very bright light from the Salt Lake City valley. It was in the South/West part of the sky. The sun was setting but it was an hour before any star should be out. So we thought it was an Airplane landing at the Airport. There was a lot of air traffic that night. But it stayed stationary for over an hour when we saw the real first star in the sky. Of course I was so curious after that, that every time I was out doors around sun down, there is was. It is as big as two bright stars, at least an hour before any other stars came out. of course I have a lot of people I know keeping their eyes on this celestial mystery. When I came across this video, I knew it was being seen by others out West.

  3. This is peace, this is beautiful. This backs up what Elijah Muhammad gave to the world of The Motherplane. No man in history said it before him! Now go log on to http://www.noi.org/thetime and watch the last two episodes from Elijah's student, Minister Louis Farrakhan as he explains The Wheel and its purpose. The Truth will confound you and thank you for this post of our Motherplane..aka Mothership that is equipped with 1500 baby planes as well

  4. I¬†know which one it is already when I look up in the sky, it sucks when you feel like you're being watched… Just wait, they all will come down when the government finally takes away all our guns… Don't believe me? Give it time, it'll happen soon.

  5. That explanation in the first two minutes of why the so called UFOs are around before, during and after storms made no sense. They just made up their own explanations…

  6. However, the photos of a possible Mother Ship at the end was very interesting. Let us not dismiss or ignore what The Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught about the mother ship from 1930 to the early '70s. He was talking in detail about the ship before there were any recorded mass sightings of ufos. Study, discern and reason.

  7. The question on there being sighting of UFO before, jurying and after hurricanes. Could the sightings be mirrors in space reflecting more heat on the hurricanes to gain control of them?  C the weather works from hot and cold air reacting with each other so if ur controlling the temperature by using mirrors to reflect more heat on them, then u would be controlling the reaction which means ur controlling the weather. 

  8. In the east coast mid-atlantic we have observed, photographed and videotaped the same object. It appears perhaps 30¬į above the horizon and we started noticing it as the summer solstice approached. At that time it was WNW. As of thanksgiving it was ESE. Also, in the summer it appeared perhaps 40¬į or so above the horizon. Some nights from dusk until 10 p.m. or so it appeared to be geosynchronous. Many nights it would rapidly vanish to the north in a matter of seconds (in early to mid summer). Due to its lower position above the horizon in the fall months if it did traverse north it was after the darth eclipsed it so we could not tell. It moved in relation to stars, etc., I.e. it would "set" either slower or faster than other celestial objects, sometimes in as little as half an hour or so. We used a Celestron telescope and a pair of Audobon Swift binoculars and photographed through the eyepieces with our android phones. We did use a tripod but due to the inferior optics of the phone cameras there was a fair amount of distortion. I will look through the videos and if they are clear enough will dropbox them to you. Ed S.

  9. BTW, it can be EXTRAORDINARILY BRIGHT (luminousity of a signal flare) but it is not a signal flare. We live a few blocks from the water and a U.S.C.G. Installation, have lots of fireworks displays and are well acquainted with man made aerial objdcts and phenomena. We are also in one of the glide paths of an international airport so are familiar with all sorts of aircraft. If this thing is man made it came out of some black project because it has instantaneous acceleration an appears to be geosynchronous some nights. We have seen smaller lighted objects appearing to enter, exit or stay in gormation with this object.

  10. This is inconclusive, no one knows what it is, their just discussing their theoretical hypothesis regarding the anomaly.

  11. Proof that The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan are correct about this wheel. It is Half a mile by Half a mile. A human built city in the sky. A pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. 

  12. we started to see this at the same location every night just as the sun was setting, it was the first thing visible.(every night for at least 6 months.)it moved some where else right after this video first aired!

  13. We have been observing the same bright star since October in the SW sky typically from dusk to early dawn when dark and a clear sky. It looks like a star from a distance but only multiple times brighter. Depending on the time, there are different appearances when viewed through binoculars. Many times a three light side ways triangle but I have seen it a few times in that green/yellow glow just as the photos in the video and on occasions the bright light is moving within. In the last few months we have seen them in more numbers but always in the same general area. Using 12 x 50  binoculars which are under powered for the distance. 

  14. Its the solar system that visits every 3600 years or so. After posting video and pictures of these celestial bodies I captured with a full spectrum light gathering sony cctv camera I became a TI. It is not a ship and my opinion is he knows what they are.

  15. balloons with torches floating into the sky and Venus… again, I want to believe something else is out there but this offers no such evidence. Try again please.

  16. i believe in extraterrestrial beings and UFO's and he is 100% wrong. its a planet, not a UFO, its impossible to take a photo threw binoculars and a HD camera and call it a clear shot of a UFO. its a amateur photo of a planet that looks distorted and looks like a UFO. the planet is millions of light years away. he should look threw a real high powered telescope and he will see its no mother ship

  17. how come when nasa is out of space and they show us images we cant see no stars,what is a star or where the 4k are the stars//

  18. Lookes more like a Quasar if this happens to be real. Those things are rare, but can look somewhat like UFO's.

  19. I've seen it and I agree there in my skies in northern Cal. They can look like a star but there not . Because they move plus red light .

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