UFO Sightings in California: Searching For Answers – S1E12

We search for answers after receiving multiple reports of strange objects over California’s Mojave Desert. You can see the General Atomics Avenger Stealth Drone (formerly Predator C) and the General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper. We also uncover Northrop Grumman experimental X-47A and X-47B stealth drones on Google Earth at Plant 42.

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  1. Have you ever considered coming to Kirtland Air Force base in Albuquerque New Mexico it is connected to Albuquerque’s airport but there is lots of under ground bunkers but be careful there is lots of security for the stuff that gets built there. Also it is kinda hard to view because it is all blocked by buildings

  2. Those steal fighter drones at the first secret base are not secret. I seen both those dimand and triangle shape drones in poplar Mechanics magazine.they already reaveled them.i believe all triangle ufos are man made drones or stealth fighters.

  3. I live in Palmdale Ca. And work next to the NASA building in building 702. And there's definitely something going on and I've seen the triangle shape objects at night

  4. I know it shouldn't matter but the plural of "craft" is "craft" when referring to vehicles 🙂 Great videos and keep up the great work!

  5. Aunque no se inglés, sin embargo, me fascinan tus vídeos, excelente trabajo, increíble esfuerzo invertido en cada uno de tus vídeos, gracias a ti por compartir! Saludos!

  6. So what do you people want? For the government to say…Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus? You all are as bad as those flat earth idiots. And what "IF" it is all true? What are you going to do? Sell t-shirts saying I TOLD YOU SO?

  7. How about Western New York UFO I have my first Picture of one over my House do you have a website so I can send it to you. I watch your video all the time. Or are you like the rest will not talk to me, because I have seen real UFO's

  8. A lot of people tend to relate UFO's with Aliens. They forget that UFO just stands for Unidentified Flying Object. That's all. It could be a secret military craft, or it could actually be an alien craft. But that is the reason for the UFO label. Not to label it as an un-Earthly craft. It's just unidentified. Keep up the great work. And one tip…you are soft spoken, so please tone down the music. It does seem to add to the videos, but it sometimes covers up your voice. Thanks!

  9. X-47A is a UK/USA design unfortunately we don't have the money to put into action unlike the USA. Lots of brilliant designs have happened between our countries 👍like the railgun and the new Lazer guns were creating together hope our United countries stay together for future wars and technology 👍

  10. You posted this video on June 23, 2017. As of today, November 12, 2018, Google Maps is using the same satellite image [same cars are parked in the same spots]. Close examination of the Google Maps satellite image of Plant 42 [using a high-resolution monitor] brings to light some interesting facts. While the two triangle-shaped drones are hardly distorted at all in the Google Maps image, the aircraft parked to the North of the two drones [to the right of the drones at 1:49 in your video] is highly distorted ["photoshopped"]. Close examination of Google Maps satellite images of USAF bases across the United States reveals almost all visible aircraft are distorted. The question which must be asked is why are the images of these two triangle-shaped drones not distorted? The conclusion I draw is that the Air Force wants the public to see these aircraft. I rather suspect the goal of the Air Force is to provide the public a ready explanation for the occasional sighting of much more advanced aircraft.

  11. Why would the government be developing top secret black projects in the most well known, highly scrutinised bases on the planet? It doesn't make any sense at all. These aircraft are there to be discovered for a reason; to satisfy the inquisitive public and strain the economy of competitors trying to keep up.

  12. Northrop Gruman X series are all unmanned experimental/conceptual vehicles -UAV's what else is there to see here?

  13. At 01:52 on the Google Earth Image you can clearly see a Predator Drone parked up to the right of the X Planes. So I would say a definite active drone site.

  14. did you dont suspect something weird that those two aircraft just showthemself sitting outside?they maybe testing an two unclassified unmaned drones.P.S that just my opinion.

  15. Hey Guys – you have to lower the music. I am straining to hear you at best. Plus the eerie music does not add anything to this – just narrate it – the music is pretty childish.

  16. I'm confused why on Earth would a black project be sitting on a tarmac that could be captured by Google of all things? Stupid or Devious? Unlike you, I believe all that we see is, in fact, human-made. Either from the past, present, or future. TY SEekers you make me think

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