UFO sightings in Canada increasing

The number of UFO sightings in Canada has soared 10-fold over the past 25 years. The majority of those flying objects eventually get identified, but a few are never explained. That’s enough to keep some sky watchers wondering if just one sighting could be real. Ross Lord reports.

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21 Comments on “UFO sightings in Canada increasing”

  1. The documentary on UFO sighting in Nova Scotia over the water in 1969 is crazy. Many people saw them and shows a pic they took.

  2. Why do they say REAL? Do they mean that people may be seeing something that is not real? No matter what it is it is real, they are seeing it. They must be confusing UFO's with alien spacecrafts they need to learn what UFO means. Not all UFOs are alien crafts but all alien crafts are UFOs.

  3. i can honestly tell you that one time a saw a moving object in the sky that moved fast, up. down, left right. i could see it very shocked for about 5 minutes. i recorded with my phone but it couldnt get it, it was very far. so.. thats it. never seen again

  4. i saw many over lat five years all over bc thru my travels on greyhound. biggest one outside cache creek was massive couldn't get video greyhound going to fast.. many in Vancouver as well saw many there! especially false creek, you see orbs of all sizes there ! not drones either! was on boat and a bright orb floated over us toward science world muted to black an disappeared! many different kinds here to!

  5. How pathetic can you get quit treating us like we're little kids sitting in front of a TV watching cartoons you people remind me of The Stepford Wives movie you robotic puppets don't speak to us like we're ignorant are the ignorant ones and you're going to burn in hell these are demons they have the ability to manipulate matter your pathetic we know exactly what's going on and the majority of them are not explained you little puppets on a string how can you sleep at night I rebuke you in the name of Jesus he's going to destroy all the pedophile rapist and Pig Illuminati skanks by the fire of his mouth and the breath of his coming

  6. UFO's have increased 10 fold around the World. I wonder if we are seeing more because everyone has a camera now? I personally see on average 2-4 UFO's a year now. If they were high altitude stationary surveillance drones they shouldn't be there watching me. things are getting wild all around Earth. I think the uptick in sightings are related to social unrest and they want to see or get in on the action. my thoughts.

  7. crazy how we see more UFO's now when we at the brink of WW3… My take is that they are foreign stealth drones.

  8. I just saw around 8 ufo's flying in a row together towards Lake Superior over Thunder Bay, Ont. May 18th 2021, 4:00 am. They were white orbs with no noise. That's unusual to see them coming around here.

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