UFO Sightings Military Helicopter Abducted By UFO in Mid Air? Watch Now!

Highly questionable content! As always you decide! Footage came into Thirpdhaseofmoon with out any information given. Could this be an Alien UFO Abduction In Mid Air? If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmoon Via Skype or Facebook!

Go to original youtube video here UCuBPlZTF6TGO0g58QgcgsxA

42 Comments on “UFO Sightings Military Helicopter Abducted By UFO in Mid Air? Watch Now!”

  1. they've been caught manipulating,creating and buying fake footage from people. turf phase of goon is no longer reputable or legitimate. Just a bullshit money making scheme… and from the interviews where people confront them about the fake shit, they have nothing much to say… they seem pretty content with what they do because it's making them money. as long as everybody knows it's all fake and knows how to separate it from the legit channels like secure team 10, then third phase of moon can continue with their bullshit money making and just fuck off. nobody respects them anymore

  2. Thats one of their allies it's a superhuman you know the ones with the glowing hands
    abilities of pins and needles then your body goes numb and cold with a nitrate burst of tingling feeling that's how they do it ammonium nitrate formation burst style if you get it
    ,there on a mission and the military chopper is to slow when time is wasted so that super being carried them to the drop zone this is real.

  3. Offcourse, there are other forms of life in this universe! Perhaps, we cannot understand as our understanding has not developed to a more understanding stage. We are still to barbaric in nature. Life is a sequence and humans are still maturing

  4. First there are governments hiding the truth, then there is you! I don't know which is worst, but then, there is us!

  5. no its after effects and its a light flashing on a glass because thats how light moves a flight light dont move like this

  6. I always wanted to be abducted by aliens because first no school second I want to see there inside of a spaceship third I want to see there planet

  7. If they were able to disarm are missles…why wouldn't they be able to abduct a military chopper…they have abducted jetliners for crying out loud…

  8. they are no more stars at night anymore…. in the past you can see stars in the sky. now is only ufo's do you notice that 2???

  9. Could this be CGI added to a video of a helicopter flying in a desert area just off of highway 11 on the big island of Hawaii? Who knows?

  10. Like the free energy videos you see from a coil of wire and a magnet, these videos capture allot of hits, that produce advertising revenue credits for the video uploaders. We are the idiots that are so fascinated by the possibility of UFO's, Aliens, Monsters, free energy, etc. that we will watch just in case they might be true. I'm guilty—I can't help myself, I got to watch at least once.

  11. Alright so everyone who has read my posts on my Facebook I did mention the gift to world is descending 2017 and after this 2012 video footage if it is as real as I think it is you have witnessed teleportation like I mentioned now mind you all right now what you saw North side of the mountains if USA does in fact back up all aerospace units that you're thinking are UFO's now I have reason to believe that there are americas most wanted criminals in cockpits of aerospace units which aerospace I am unsure of yet but remember this America you all know the old KKK leader out the robes mole ATTACKED Albert Einstein and myself and have not done anything to prosecute them at all now me launching in an aerospace unit is coming you give me 3 days to build my aerospace idea and everything those aerospace units can do my aerospace unit will also be able to do but my aerospace unit will have Force Field defense's and weapon systems that will literally make the laser Canon and atomic Annie look like limp noodles no lie moles who attacked Albert Einstein and I the baby who was with Albert Einstein if your in aerospace unit cockpits be warned I am coming for you American most wanted moles I think the old KKK leader out the robes is in an aerospace unit cockpit all I know is I warned you all about teleportation I didn't lie if this video is real you have knowledge and proof to now know I can teleport anything and anyone in air ground sea or space I can make entire ships or submarines disappear no lie you all should have never robbed me and electrocuted my brain and now dare not pay me my lawsuit winnings of 3 billion dollars with compensation and turmoil you all messed up now all know back off any aerospace UFO in our air space there with me and those aerospace units are expensive there billions of dollars any of you force them to land or any of damage any of them promise to God you will be paying so much money to replace them that circular one red the police helicopter circled alone is about 2 billion dollars maybe more I would suggest you all know right now the fun has only just begun

  12. notice this UFO I will call it notice it's flight capabilities it's maneuvering capabilities best part there is a secrete I am withholding telling you about it I won't mention about

  13. is it mean or do aliens also have shrinking technology cause those blades shrink into the light ,, hmmmmm

  14. while it is fake, you gotta admit. The idea of a ball shaped light instead of a metal disk is actually pretty interesting.

  15. If u put garbage like that up, u lose credibility. Also u lessen the chances for us to find a good video since you're clogging up the internet with this shit.

  16. I live in Moreno Valley, Can near the Mar h airforce base. I've personally seen this happen to a helicopter,but I actually seen the flying saucer. One day I was driving during the day on a lonely road called Evans driving towards Perris CA. While driving,up ahead I could only go left or right as there was a field in front. In front of eyes eyes I seen a military helicopter hovering above the field, then moments later that's when a UFO suddenly appeared above the Helicopter and Abducted the whole thing in a blink of an eye,then after the ufo dissappeared. I was stunned but excited to see it happen,then all I could think I that no one will believe me when I tell them this. This was last year. No bullshit!!!!

  17. Oh, what we see in this video is a portable teleportation worm hole gate portal UFO orbs that is invisibly cloaking but all we see is illuminating lights while invisibly cloaking to teleport back to their place or what place to take a short cut distant travel.

  18. Would you post the date and time, the place (co-ordinates lat/long) where this took place? I would also like the details of the the thing that was flying around when it got abducted. They usually go for the cows, this is strange, they must've liked him.

  19. Yip not believing that one either those spinning rotas going shurly would have cut on an alians head or damaged something in the fusion of lightning ball.. Come on folks these hoaks videos are just making a mockery out of the real videos and the people who do there dammed hardest to keep us updated go make some computer game lol

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