UFO Sightings On The Rise! These Broad Daylight Sightings Will Rock You!

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37 Comments on “UFO Sightings On The Rise! These Broad Daylight Sightings Will Rock You!”

  1. I seen numerous UFOs with fins and from accounts abduction accounts like you guys are third phase Moon you don't know this your tell me you never seen a UFO with that fin on it that's crazy

  2. The first picture to me looks like some kind of RC boat a remote control boat the fin underneath is how they would steer it could be a custom RC

  3. The San Louis Osbisbo craft looks like the model of the Nazi flying Saucer. The top has a gun turret just like the model does. To me it looks like some one made themselves a Nazi ufo by fixing the model to a drone. I don’t know the specific model company for that one I believe it’s either a Tamiya or Kotobuki but not sure. I know the big trend in modeling right now is fixing models to drones and remote control cars ect. Also the picture looks modified around the craft possibly, so I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was just simple the model digitally inserted to the photo. For the record I’m a believer in the phenomenon, but my years as an aircraft mechanic and model maker are pulling me twords the model theory. Also I recent seen a documentary talking about the use of line stone concrete essentially being used to build the Giza plateau structures and pyramids. And it’s fairly close to how Roman concrete is made actually just a bit different materials and techniques. It’s on YouTube something like pyramid K 2019. It’s got some very compelling theories. Anyways keep Looking up and looking for truths

  4. I feel it is pretty safe to assume that…..if they had laser technology then that ran off some type of energy source….I am pretty sure they had a light bulb of some sort which would have been much more simple to make if you have precision cutting tools…..just sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. That's a living thing, under a magnifier you can see the creatures and there like the spiders on mars you can see also a jellyfish like skin holing the creatures together

  6. I saw one in the 90's following a passenger plane from PDX so I do know their flying around all the time, this one looks to me like who ever is flying this ship wants a bit of comfort.

  7. The first picture is from Turkey (City: Izmir), he is talking about the photographer (Mehmet Kaya) took a series of pictures in auto mode but only one frame could catch the UFO.

  8. Sup Blake! First, their getting brazenly constant on a lot of sightings. Could 2020 bring in the final answers everybody’s been finally waiting for?

  9. Why does it always have to be aliens? We are for sure 100s of years ahead in terms of technology than what the general population know
    It’s a known fact the nazi were working on advance propulsion technology way back in 1938.

  10. due to lack of auto pollution in the air, U.F.O.'s will been seen in the skies.proven fact that these ships have difficulty flying, more will seen during " stay home – covid-19".

  11. Ya think the military at the capitol have anything to do with this kinda stuff just can't see that many needed for joe

  12. We have seen this one flying slowly, over water and between two mountains, on your program. There is video of one of these craft.it looked like something was sitting on the back of it.

  13. Man is our worst enemy. They knew how to extract gold using chemicals and Baghdad Batteries with chemicals.
    Maybe because the contracts between Egyptian and other nationality museums, expired. Now the Egyptians are opening up the lodged accounts of areas that might be sites of interest, must be completed before each museum leaves a site. Contracts were for areas, they couldn’t start digs without contracts with Egypt.

  14. This first one is a really fantastic photo. One of the best I’ve ever seen. A little different for a fact. Third phase of the Moon is the greatest. After 60 yrs of research and investigation into UFO’s, I have to say that you guys are nailing it!!!

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