UFO Sightings That Got Leaked To The Public

UFO Sightings That Got Leaked To The Public
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UFO’s are real and got confirmed by the pentagon and government officials but they’re not confirming if they’re aliens or just advanced technology that they don’t have information on. These are some UFO sightings that will have you convinced in the existence of aliens.

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00:00 – Top 10 Dark UFO Sightings With Multiple Witnesses
10:10 – Top 10 Mysterious UFO Sightings
19:11 – Top 10 Scary Alien Landings Caught On Google Earth


38 Comments on “UFO Sightings That Got Leaked To The Public”

  1. I like the channel but you lost me when you said people looked up while driving come on they're texting. Nobody looks up nowadays come on really. Even while driving

  2. I have seen many UFOs where I live in the small town in Nevada it’s been surreal I have seen some chased by fighter jets very very weird scary

  3. U know how I know it's not aliens? Because an appropriate response to the unknown is to try and figure out who's responsible first. Noone has asked anyone if they feel like snitchin! If they offered $1,000 for info leading to the answer… well then we might get somewhere. Put the UFOs on playing cards and hand them out to government officials. Just like cold cases and prisons

  4. How can you get your facts wrong on one of the best know sighting reports.. Kenneth Arnold saw nine objects flying in formation.

  5. With so many seen going into the oceans, makes you wonder if Atlantis is under the oceans and humans and aliens are meeting there.

  6. Should have shot and let them know you were there or blown them away I know if I saw one I’d put em down there evil demonic entities and need to be put to sleep at every cost

  7. You know when they discover something decomposing on a beach somewhere and they do not know what it is…. yeah it's an alien from another world

  8. Me and My neighbor were just having that conversation itis Too Technology Advanced discussion!

  9. Pure Energy. They change shape , they can look like a metallic candle in the sky melting and defy physics as we know it?!

  10. yep it alien cuz of mankind, they have never stopped using earth as a door to other worlds or dementions

  11. You know you guys would of seen all innerstellar traffic thats always been quite active for thousands and thousands of eons here, you all still watch t.v. and this device makes you dull,weak ,and blind

  12. #6 on the one she says looks like it is upside down reminds me of the face on the moon…

  13. 25:00 i forget what thats called. But, it is a rare natural phenomenon. Its made by the flow of the water causing an area (usually ice on top of a lake or river) the area starts spinning and since it is spinning it creates a perfect circle. On a lake with ice it start because the the flow is slow enough to allow ice to build up, but since the water is flowing it keeps the area from freezing completely over and allows it to spin, the spinning causes the ice tp create a perfect circle cut out.

  14. Alien and ufo strange and terrible sight in the sky. Bible Lk 21:11 & great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

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