UFO Sightings The Man Who Removed 17 Alien Implants! Full Length Documentary 2014

UFO Sightings The Man Who Removed 17 Alien Implants Legacy Full Length Documentary!

The beloved Dr. Roger K. Leir, also known worldwide as the alien implant doctor, passed away Friday March 14, 2014. He leaves behind an enormous legacy of work very few people have had the courage to face. With 17 implants removed over a period of 20 years, Dr. Leir had the courage to stand up in the face of mainstream science & academics by having them look at the raw data. What separates him from all ufologists is that he was a scientist first, with opinions formed based on data he received from recovered implants. All of us at Thirdphaseofmoon & the UFO community will miss him, especially his extremely warm heart. He was larger than life & will always be remembered.

Go to original youtube video here UCuBPlZTF6TGO0g58QgcgsxA

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  1. the interviewer is terrible, get someone in there who has experience. The interviewee's can anticipate what questions are going to be asked, it seems like he's not even listening to Dr. Leir since he's repeatedly asking questions that the Dr. already answered. He's obviously not even comfortable speaking, so lets have him interview people, great decision.

    And the dude walking in the tree's… lol fuckin embarrassing

  2. this had the potential to be a fantastic documentary. For an entire documentary to be this fucked, it had to be on purpose. There's no explanation for the stupid ass music.

  3. That fat cowboy made me laugh! All that bullshit but never shows microscopic pictures just blurry pictures they prolly took with their galaxy s4 😑😑😑😂😂 if i had those object i would take them to a pro photographer and takd macrophotos and would put them in a microscope not have a photo with a white background and yellowish and blurry sorrounding wtf!!!!??? Stupid fat cowboy! Btw rhat guy in the woods looks like a child molestor.

  4. This should show on cnn world news ..but media keep hiding our galactic friends … next 10 years we must ready… rest in peace doctor

  5. I volunteer if I know what I'm voluteering for and we get a copy of All the data permanent to go with it. Sure. sign me up.
    In also every all ways wish done you by anthropos do also them? what's anthropos include anyway? or do to others as you are them?

  6. did you have to put this music on top of the interview ??
    did you think it would make the video more interesting ??

  7. Great documentary but why the background music in the interviews with Dr. Lair. A little disrespectful for someone who had so much to say and also annoying to the audience.

  8. Forget complaining about the music. Listen and think out side the box. Something, someone is flying around in a UFO descending from out of it creeping up on people while they sleep doing weird things to people heads brains without cutting them open with surgical tools. Hopefully who ever it is that this particular being is visiting that they are helping. We do need help from a higher power. People on earth unaware of brain damage that they don't see nor can they ever heal. So at least someone is coming around doing so and revealing

  9. I'm a TI. Been suffering by stuff loaded in my whole body. Docs think you're nuts or something. I hate the perverted ugliness. I would love to be a subject of theirs. Man they'd have a huge project with my body. I think it all started even before 1997. I'd like to find out everything I can to get this stuff out. It's effected everything in my life. I'm now disabled and at home always dealing with nonsense while doing almost nothing. No one deserves this mess. Hopefully the government will use their power to finally do something about all of this.

  10. I think I have two implants one in left head and right leg… implant is acting up right now…. are they good or bad, I don’t know… I know I stoped feeling much… like actual feelings. I feel gulps in different parts of my body… these gulps feel kind of cool … even gulps from my downstairs area… does anyone go through this? I figure if we all start talking about it maybe we could figure it out…also have sever stomache pain… I feel little pinches on my body as well… where I have to itch the spot .. getting them as I speak… so many strange things.

  11. Game breaker…. , if you have 1 alien implant…. well…. you 100% have more , more that u cant see , feel or can be detected , removing one wont help nothing.

  12. The leading scientist said at the 33:30 Mark. That the some people come off the ships and they have aches, pains, headaches and flu like symptoms.. from what i heard these ships are highly radiated. Those symptoms sounds eriely like covid-19 symptoms. The 5g towers from what I heard are radioactive, and people have been having flu like symptoms. Around the same time the 5g towers went up . No conspiracy theory put this is real life. The government is written these symptoms off as virus. When in fact it's the towers that's causing these alignments!!! Wake up people!!! Your governent has been lying to you . This is one of the biggest cover ups known to man..

  13. Any chance of a re-upload w/o the music? It's beyond off-putting, I can barely concentrate on the words due to the music distracting from the words. I don't think I can make it to the end because I can't focus on what's being said.

  14. Had to switch this off 30 mins in. I normally can handle music if it's constant, but as it comes and goes, you find yourself concentrating on the words w/o the music then boom the music hits, distracts from the words and you lose your train of thought all together, it's the most annoying thing, but great documentary though guys, what bit I did manage to watch that is. Thanks for uploading it anyway though!

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